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Custom Contract Packaging- A solution of all your high quality manufacturing glitches

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What is Contract Packaging?

It is the process of assembling a product or good in its finished packaging. It can be simple or a complex process, depending upon the customized packaging of the product. Contract packaging organizations are the extension of a manufacturer. The manufacturer chooses a contract packaging organization because it is easy and less costly for them to outsource their products to a specialized company.

What is a contract strategy?

Before starting any process, a contract strategy is made. It involves the organizations and policies which may be required for the execution of any specific project. Whilst designing a project strategy, everything related to the project goals is kept in mind. For example what options are available for the management of a design and its construction for completing the task in a timely manner.

Why is there a need to use contract packaging organizers?

Sometimes manufacturers get different types of products to be packed in different packaging. Fulfilling the need of every client in a timely manner is important for them. Therefore, manufacturers like to hire a specific contract packaging organization, in order to meet their needs. A contracting company has experts which can handle a variety of contract packaging orders. Plus, they have many sources and partners who can respond to custom product boxes in a short period of time.

How do contract packaging organizations work?

Different steps are involved in a contract packaging service. They work closely with the product manufacturers and product managers for planning, customizing, and implementing the whole plan. The timeline given by the client is kept in mind whilst deciding that whether the packaging for their order is already manufactured or is it yet to be manufactured.

Designing: Before starting anything, the design of the packaging is decided according to the requirement of the customer. These companies have an in-house design team that make the final custom printed boxes. An in-house design team helps to save time and ensures that whether the packaging fits perfectly on the product.

Inventory Management: A special team is allocated to the inventory management. They receive and audit the inventory of the product and its pre-produced packaging. They make sure that the all the packaging components (like manuals, card stock, stickers, etc.) are kept under check and balance.

Printing of additional components: Sometimes, before completely packing a product some cards or manual needs to be inserted in it. The contract organizers make sure that they are printed on time and get included in the package.

Packaging of Plastic or Thermoform: Sometimes manufacturing of plastic or thermoformed packaging such as trays, clamshells, etc. is required to be assembled inside the final packaging. Contractor companies keep an eye on their timely manufacturing.

Assembling of the product packaging: After everything has been manufactured, then comes the assemblage of the product into the packaging. This process needs to be done carefully because placing a product accurately into the packaging is very important. If cautions are not taken during its handling then it can get scratched during the packaging process. Any manuals, coupons, stickers, or other items that need to be placed inside the packaging, are placed beforehand and the package is carefully sealed.

Distribution: After the packaging of the product, it is stored in a wholesale warehouse and is ready for distribution.  The distribution process depends on when the client wants the product to be delivered to their house.

What are the services provided by a contract packaging company?

Food Packaging: For managing your food packaging products, you can contact a contract packaging company. You can get packaging for your liquid, solid, powder food. They provide packaging in many containers like stand-up pouches, zipper pouches, gusseted pouches, customized sleeve boxes, rigid containers, tubes, etc.

Cello Wrapping: Cello wrapping is the most common type of wrapping used in the packaging industry. It is a swift operation mainly done on a high-speed horizontal form, fills, and a sealing machine called Doughboy.  Many items such as pet treats, spice pouches, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. are cello-wrapped.  You can either get clear or printed material depending on the specification of your product.

Blister Packaging: You can get designs for your blister packaging from a contract organization. The staff will provide you with relevant blister designs and will coordinate with you throughout the process. Blister packaging is the most common type of retail packaging. The customer is able to see the product from the packaging whilst being protected from dirt and stealing. The contracting companies make sure to include all the features in the packaging of your product, for assuring its success at the retail level. 


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