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Consumer packaging is a product that protects from external influences, storage, and sale convenience. Plus, it contains a barcode, markings, and various information. Unlike other types of packaging, manufacturing costs are included in the price of the product. After payment of the fee of the product, it becomes the property of the buyer.


Sales packaging is sold together with the product. She has a specific size and capacity, so she requires preliminary preparation of the product. For example, household chemicals, perfumes, medicines, or other products are pre-packaged, taking into account a specific volume, weight, or other parameters. All goods that come to retail must be packed.

The importance of wholesale custom packaging boxes is that they can easily fit your product or any product because size, color, material, type of material such as matte, glossy, and Kraft material can be used.


  • ease of storage and implementation;
  • protection against spoilage;
  • informing about the properties and features of the product;
  • Advertising.


Type of packaging material: cardboard, glass, polyethylene, plastic, etc.

Density: soft (elastic) or rigid;

Quantitative parameters: volume, length, width, height;

Unique properties: single, multi-layer, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant.


Taking into account the elasticity, there are the following types of consumer packaging:

Soft packaging

Provides reliable protection of food or other goods from external influences without maintaining a specific shape. It is often made from a polymer film in one or several layers, less often from thick paper. For the production of heat-resistant containers, a combined material is used. It is characterized by a lightweight and attractive appearance. More often, it is disposable. Examples: bags for milk, juice, bulk products, cookies, etc. This category also includes paper bags and transparent or colored film for flowers made in rolls.

The most common configuration is in the form of a bag or a sleeve with a different bottom shape. It can be open or closed. The features of the filling equipment determine the specific design. Side seams, bottom seams, or top seams are glued, welded, sewn together, and sometimes held together with staples or clamps.

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The most typical shape is a bag or sleeve with a different bottom shape. It has the option of being open or closed. The specific design is determined by the features of the filling machine. Side seams, bottom seams, and top seams are bonded, welded, sewed, and sometimes stapled or clamped together.

Rigid packaging.

Unlike soft containers, it provides not only protection from external influences but also retains a specific configuration—a good tool for storing and selling products that must be protected from destruction or deformation during transportation—for example, a cardboard box or a plastic cake box.

The most popular and, most importantly, environmentally friendly are boxes made of ordinary or corrugated cardboard. The second place in sales is occupied by various cans, cassettes, packages, and other plastic containers.

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