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Critical, Life-Saving Information When You Need It Most

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One of the biggest problems in the world of Critical services is the fact that when medical professionals first get to the scene, they have no way of identifying the patient(s), and when they do, they do not have access to any sort of medical information on the patient, nor any allergies that they might have. This is where ICE-TAGS comes in to save the day!

ICE-TAGS is a Cape Town-based company

Who is here to improve the efficiency as well as the success rate of the emergency services. The company manufactures lifesaving wristbands that have critical information on them that first responders should know about. The ICE-TAGS wristband will include information such as the name and surname of the patient, any sort of allergies that they might have, as well as any past or current medical conditions that they have been struggling with. This allows the first responders to acquire all of the information that they might be needing to start saving the person’s life!

The company’s founder, Len Nieuwoudt, has been involved in the security and survival industries since the early 90s, hence he has been working closely with medical institutions, as well as in medical situations where safety, medical, and security risks are often encountered. While in the industry, Len noticed that there was a lack of access to medical information when it was needed most. As a result, he started ICE-TAGS so that it could speak for the patient when they aren’t able to.

762MED with ICE-TAGS caters

For all age groups in terms of sizing, style designs, colors, and even applications. Besides putting their stamp of approval on the exceptional quality of each. And every one of their products, they are also fashionable, funky, corporate, feminine, or even rough and tough!

If you would like to learn more about the company. Browse through their wide range of ICE-TAGS medical information holders. Or if you would like to contact someone to find out more information. Then do not hesitate to visit their official website at: ice-tags.co.za


ICE-TAGS was founded by Len Nieuwoudt back in the early 90s due to the fact. That he noticed that there was a lack of access to medical information when it mattered most. He started the company so that the ICE-TAGS’ medical IDs could speak for patients when they are unable to themselves.


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