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10 Apps for Creating a Digital Business Card

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In the world we live in, everything has simply gone digital. And the business owner lately tends to take full advantage of this digital innovation. 

As in the old times, one used to exchange their personnel information via the help of paper cards. Digital innovation has eradicated this practice by introducing businessmen and young entrepreneurs to the concept of digital business cards. 

Now, one really doesn’t need to visit their clientele and provide them with your business card manually, as now it can be done easily by being seated at your home. 

However, many people often face trouble while coming up with a profound and attractive digital business card of their own.

Having said that, in today’s tech-savvy world, there are apps that have made the life of people much easier. 

All you need to do is to install these apps on your smartphone, select the color and theme of your business card and you would good to go within few seconds. 

But, having so many apps being easily available, picking out the best one for the job can prove to be a daunting task.

This is why we have shortlisted the best 10 apps that will allow you to create and come up with the most beautiful and appealing business card of your own. 

With that being said, what are you waiting for? make your digital business card now! 

1. Cardxe:

Being number one in our list, the features Cardxe digital business card apps come in handy with, it you would surely provide users with a profound experience. 

One biggest advantage of having cardxe by your side is that you won’t have to deal with the hurdle one might faces while creating a new digital business card.

With this app, all you need to do is to sign up to this app, choose your desired theme, choose your desired font, fill in your information, and your digital business card would get ready, that too within no time! 

2. SnapDat:

Snapdat happens to be a free digital business card app. This app easily gets integrated with the iPhone address book.  

One advantage that a user would get by going with Snapdat is that this app allows the users to share their created digital business card via the app itself, or via email. 

One can easily create multiple digital business cards at once with this app, that too with ease! 

3. CamCard:

Camcard is counted in the list of top business card apps that exist lately. Being highly intuitive, this app comprises the ability to read and scan business cards in over 15 languages. 

In addition to that, this app also allows, users, to import information from social media feeds. 

Though you can have this app for free, only if you could spend $5 a month, you would be able to avail of the premium services of this app. 

4. Knowee:

The features Knowee digital business card app provides to the users are hard to find in other apps. 

The prime key features include clickable links, premium thumbnails, and an in-depth storage system. 

In addition to that, what counts to be the best feature of this app is that it allow the users to make direct calls from the cards. 

One can enjoy the free basic plan of this app for a year. After a year, you might need to pay a fee of 74 cents for its paid version. 

5. Inigo: 

What counts to be the best feature of this app is that this app allows the user to manage their digital business card in the app’s back office. 

Other than that, this app allows users to create templates that they can deploy to their team’s smartphones with ease. 

Working with both, android and apple phones, this app would surely provide you with a profound experience. 

6. Haystack:

Looking for a modern digital business card app? Then look no more as the Haystack app would surely suit best with your preference. 

By having a haystack on your side, one can easily scan, share, update and store the contact info of their clientele with simply scanning the business card of their clientele! 

7. eVaunt:

eVaunt allows the users to come up with a premium digital business card that comprises a responsive design, that is optimized for smartphones and for a unique web page address. 

This app also allows you to embed a google map. One can upload his picture on a digital business card with the help of this app with ease. 

8. OneCard:

OneCard is surely one of the finest electronic card apps to existing lately. This app allows users to create a digital hub and provide their clientele with a wide range of options to connect with you. 

This app allows you to include a video presentation in your digital business card so that you can connect with your potential leads virtually. 

9. Clinck:

Being easily available on android and apple devices, this app allows users to create a digital business card app. 

Not only this, one can easily store the contact details of their clientele and can send your contact info to all your potential leads with ease. 

10 About.me:

Last but not the least, the reason why we have included this app in our list is that this app allows the user to turn their page on the app into a shareable electronic business card app. 

One can easily share his digital business card with this app via email or from his phone with ease. 

Coming for free, this app would surely provide you with a profound experience. 


Apart from numerous digital business card apps being easily available on the play store and apple store, the above-mentioned comprises the ability to provide you with a profound experience.

All the above-mentioned apps come with ease of operation and can be operated by a freshie with ease. 

Hence, while wrapping it up, give one of these apps a shot and you won’t regret your decision ever! 


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