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How to Create your Own IPTV Solution in Upcoming Days

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When we talk about IPTV Solution or online streaming, there are several terms we come across, IPTV being one in every one of them. We are experiencing a paradigm shift from ancient modes of broadcasting like cable or satellite TV towards internet-based streaming and IPTV as a system has an important role to play during this transformation phase.

Customers primarily don’t care much regarding owning the content as much as they care regarding accessing content. This is wherever IPTV comes into the picture.

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly IPTV is, however it works, types of IPTV services, and also the future of the IPTV Platform.

How does IPTV work?

IPTV means that for television transmitted over an Internet Protocol Network. It’s an emerging technology that has the potential to change the way to receive home entertainment, get training, operate our personal computers, or perhaps use our mobile phones. It’s being employed to provide TV services to anything from phone displays and computer monitors to plasma and digital LCD televisions.

IPTV Solution is very much similar to browsing the internet to familial channel surfing. It just uses informatics (Internet Protocol), a transport protocol that could be a delivery mechanism to deliver the videos to the viewer. Once the viewer clicks on any broadcast or requests the video, video from totally different sources (servers) is split into data packets and sent over the internet. Video servers transfer programs through fibre-optic cable to existing households via internet verification and requests are sent out and shows are sent back.

Types of IPTV services

Apart from transmitting classic TV channels, the subsequent interactive services are provided by IPTV:

1) Video on Demand: Everyone can deliver video content to a subscriber. It allows users to look at any picture show from the VoD server’s media library.

2) Close to Video on Demand: it’s a pay-per-view video service supposed for multiple users signed to nVoD service. The content broadcasting schedule is compiled beforehand and subscribers will look at the schedule and watch content in step with their interest.

3) Time-shifted TV:  According to time-shifted TV users can subscribers watch live broadcasts later so that they will playback and resume according to their convenience. Additionally, Rewind choice is provided for TV programs

4) TV on Demand (TVoD): Chosen TV channels are recorded so that they are often viewed whenever convenient.

5) Live Television: With or without interactivity supplemental to currently broadcasted TV shows.

Benefits of IPTV:

The major advantage of IPTV is it may be simply integrated with completely different devices, like Internet Protocol-based such as VoIP or high-speed internet.

  • IPTV uses an accessible or existing computer network, No need to connect any cable.
  • IPTV distributes live as pre-recorded videos moreover as audio simply with the pre-existing networks.
  • IPTV helps in delivering effective content, content can have remained within the network; only the content chosen by the user is delivered.
  • IPTV is user-friendly and consumers can always choose what they want to watch or observe, due to its user-friendly as well as its higher functionality since it’s completely different from regular traditional broadcast services.
  • Usually, two-way communication with IPTV services; the consumer or viewer can raise requests for watching videos according to their interest and selection.
  • IPTV has a special and fascinating feature; it’s a user manual that’s electronically configured. The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and therefore the Personal Video Recorder (PVR) is completely configured as per consumer wants.
  • It is one of the most effective compatible with all devices, with TV, LCD, it helps to deliver effective digital quality video.
  • IPTV is less expensive, robust as well as scalable.
  • It has no limitations to viewing points, it’s user-friendly it always lets a user move around display units when they are connected to the closest IT network point.

IPTV is gaining quality with these wonderful features. Higher than explicit features are one of the foremost reasons for IPTV’s popularity. IPTV is expected to gain continuous popularity with its versatile features as well as user-friendly features, delivering additional edges to customers when compared to traditional television services.

Important Features that shape your IPTV Platform for Next Level

Live Transcoding: Feature to create and deliver high-quality videos in numerous resolutions without delays on multiple devices. It provides the services for live streaming in addition to events and the opportunity to watch it at a later stage, with features like pause, rewind/fast, forward, record, etc.

Multiplatform: The IPTV platform providers should make sure that the content is viewable on multiple platforms like a TV, Computer, smartphone, different mobile devices, etc.

Monetization Tools: The IPTV resolution providers should offer choices to ascertain numerous monetization streams using the VOD packages, channel packages, ad insertions, prepaid cards, etc.

Middleware: The middleware services should be ready to effectively manage the complete system. It ought to have management over the content creation, subscriber management, validation tools, performance insights, for business creators.

Video on Demand: Automation of the video-on-demand content regarding its creation and storage makes it a lot of versatile for beginners. The service provider will prepare it for adaptive streaming in various formats or qualities, at any time they deem match.

Adaptive Video Streaming: Uses the streaming server software to transfer videos for the source to the users as excellent-quality videos on any geographic region without buffering.

White Label IPTV solution: It helps to develop a brand under the provider’s own so the users or subscribers will simply notice or search them.


Of course, the infrastructure requirements of a Premium IPTV Solution mean that its advantages will only be accomplished by an exact set of operators. Artistixe IT Solution LLP assist you to launch your own OTT Streaming service by providing an end-to-end offering that includes IT Infrastructure, CDN, Online Video Platform, DRM, Player, CMS, Monetisation feature, and Payment Gateway integration to front end interfaces like Websites and Applications for Mobile and television, all deployable out-of-the-box in single Click, no IT groups or coding required! Click here to get started along with your own Multi-Screen OTT Service today!


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