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8 Tips That Can Help You Create the Perfect Logo For Your Brand

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As easy as it might sound, logo designing isn’t as simple as looking for inspirations or templates – there is a lot more that goes into designing the perfect logo for your brand.

A perfect and unique logo is the heart of every brand’s equity and image; it is the key element that is all about setting a company apart from the competition and making sure that it is remembered in the audience’s minds. This is the prime reason why corporations pay hefty amounts to logo design service providers to revitalize their logo as required.

Since they hold such importance, you must put proper thought behind designing a particular logo. To design a striking and ingenious logo for your brand, you must be aware of certain rules and tips for creating a logo.   

Before moving forward with the tips on designing a logo, you should know that these rules are independent of the type of business. You can easily use them to create a logo for almost every type of business – be it a restaurant or an automobile shop.

1.     Do Your Homework of the Brand and Industry

Before proceeding on with the logo designing process, you must familiarize yourself with the brand, industry, theme, and goals of the business. This would assist you in the designing process – from choosing shapes to colours and fonts. A good strategy would be listing down all the critical aspects of the brand and then selecting the logo elements based on them. By doing so, you would come up with a logo that is tailored to your brand’s exact needs.

2.     Stay Away from Trends

The biggest mistake you can make while designing a logo for your brand – is relying on trends to represent your brand. Many businesses make the mistake of getting their logos designed inspired by the latest trends that make them outdated and somewhat similar to other brands.

To create a striking and timeless logo, you must use these trends wisely and incorporate some elements from these trends into your logo. A perfect logo is one that completely represents your brand, is unique, and is updated according to the latest trends.

3.     Keeping it Simple and Minimal

A unique doesn’t always mean complex designs or complex typography. You can always create a unique logo by striving for simplicity and minimalism in your designs. When designing logos, it is usually advised that intricate designs should be avoided as they are hard to recall and can deliver a different message. Therefore, when in doubt, unclutter your ideas and only keep those needed to deliver your message.

While designing a minimal logo design, it is essential that you put great emphasis on the colour, shapes, icons, fonts, symbols, etc. all of these elements should go hand-in-hand with the minimalist design. If you have chosen a complex font for a simple design, it can hamper its overall feel.

4.     Creative and Ingenious Designs

The thing that would set your brand apart from the competition is your creative and unique logo designs. We’ve experienced a dramatic increase in startups and businesses in current times, which has made it difficult for brands to create their own strong brand identity. To establish a strong brand identity for themselves, brands have to use creative and ingenious logo designs.

A custom-designed logo that is tailored to the exact needs can do wonders for the brand, which is why coming up with something new is vital. It would help if you always took the time to create a design that is 100% unique to your brand and distinguishes itself from the rest. You can play with the font, spaces, alignments, symbols, etc. until you’ve achieved a design that is creative and unique.

5.     Correct and Creative Use of Color Wheel

A colour wheel is a potent tool that can either make or break your logo design. Many individuals often misuse it due to the variety of different colours to choose from. If you can effectively use colours in your designs, it can take your logos up several notches.

To choose the perfect colours for your brand, you must know the moods and feelings different colours represent. For example, the colour yellow represents creativity, i.e., if you are a firm that offers creative services, then yellow should be your primary colour. Similarly, you can experiment with different colours depending upon the aesthetics you plan to represent with your brands.  

6.     Create a Low Key Version First

A key in designing a logo tip would be to create a low-key version of your logo first. This tip can be a game-changer in your logo designing process. Most designers can get caught in choosing the right colour palette at the start of the process. Therefore, a good strategy would be to create a low-key, i.e., black and white version of the logo. This can help you decide upon the logo structure to which you can add colours later on in the process.

7.     Proper Attention to Scalability

When finalizing the logo, you should give proper attention to its scalability as you would need it for promotional purposes. The logo you’ve finalized should adapt perfectly to different sizes and orientations to ensure that it can be used for every scenario.

8.     Unleash Your Creativity

The last tip for creating a logo that outshines the rest is to unleash your creativity. No matter if being creative refers to breaking the rules of logo designing. Your design should represent your brand and not the rules – so unleash your creativity and create a logo that is unique to the brand and tells a story.


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