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How To Create High Fashion Halloween looks?

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In 2021, no event is like before because the world is recovering from COVID-19. Still, many countries have lockdowns going on. Halloween is an event that is directly connected to creepy and spooky makeup. People do numerous experiments by using different cosmetic products to look distinctive from everyone. But because of the lockdown, people prefer to stay in their houses. However, remaining at home does not mean that you cannot do makeup on this event on your own. You need to find a good guide that can help you in creating high fashion Halloween looks.

Black Swan

Originally, Esethu from Cape Town came up with this fantastic black swan makeup idea for Halloween. It can help you in motivating your inner and creative spirit. The black swan is the character which is known as Black Swan. This makeup is not very complex and easy to do by anyone in their house. You need to get a black and white eyeshadow with a couple of false lashes. Then you need to apply eyeshadow by looking into the picture of Black Swan. Make sure to remain accurate and clean. This is how you can turn yourself into a Swan this year.

Sims Character

The Sims Character

The Sims is a famous cartoon series which is known all across the world. Most characters in this series are the same and have the same appearances. Plus, those characters are not very colorful as well. So it is easier for you to follow this makeup. Get yourself some bright eyeshadow, hair wigs or hair colors, contact lenses, false lashes, and foundation. Please take out a poster of this cartoon series and try to copy the characters’ looks from it. The cartoon series is funny, but you can create the makeup you are having as spooky as you want.

Y2K-Inspired Heart Eyes

These days, fashion designs from the 2000s are coming back. Y2K-inspired hearts is one of those makeup designs. Steenie brought this design back, which is a very famous model and fashion artist. The main idea of this makeup design is to be inspired by the infinity heart colors of different 2000s characters. This idea includes pink, red, and orange color eye shadows. It is straightforward to apply. Just get your craft store and take out your brush and start coloring. Just make sure to consider the placement of colors accurately.


A werewolf is a mythical animal that only appears on the night of the full moon. It has been a part of the Halloween event for ages. It showcases strength and wildness. Following the idea of copying it while doing makeup will surely make you spooky. The best thing about this idea is that you can use your creativity as different celebrities draw out their werewolf. What it requires is a collection and use of concealers and eyeshadow. By using these products, you can create fur-like makeup on your face and scare your family members.

Daphne Bridgerton

People love Bridgerton due to its fame on Netflix. Girls are copying their characters while doing makeup. Even fashion designers and models are also copying this fantastic series to look flawless. This makeup idea is quite simple. You can take out your pink eyeshadow color and show yourself as a modern English lady. Utilizing magenta to line both eyelids using eyeliner pencil is also a creative approach to use this makeup idea for Halloween. This idea will help you in becoming confident and creative. Just rely on the factor of accuracy, and you are good to go.

masks for halloween

Prince Zuko

After the character from Avatar, Prince Zuko is now becoming the most famous Halloween character this year. It is impressive in looks and spirituality. It has signature burn marks on its eyes which gives it extraordinary powers. You can easily do an exact makeup by utilizing highlighters, color pencils, matte lipstick, and eyeshadow. If you are using a highlighter, make sure that it is shimmery. You can even get this makeup look by utilizing medicated cosmetic boxes as well because of its simplicity. It is all about flames around the eyes, and it is up to you how you display it with your face and creativity.

Glam Joker

Joker is the most famous movie, cartoon, and series character. From batman to the suicide squad, it is everywhere. This is the most common makeup idea utilized by people on events like Halloween. Some people are calling this makeup design The Art of sane madness. Colorful eyeshadow, face powder, foundations, concealers, and lipsticks are the main products that you have to utilize to recreate this fantastic makeup design. And when it comes to colors, make sure to choose pink lipstick, face gems of different colors, and gold highlighter.

Ripe Banana

Fruit-inspired makeup design is a brilliant solution to look fabulous at spooky events. The main idea behind this makeup is to highlight everyday things around us, such as bananas. This makeup is not hard to do, and every girl with a few makeup products can do it. Take some eye shadow of yellow color. Also, utilize eyeliner of brown paint to fulfill the need for a dark color. You can also use green colors for your hair to match your yellow banana face.

Halloween allows people to be funky, calm, and edgy. There is no restriction on this event about the limits of makeup. You can do whatever you want to do with your cosmetic products to look scary. All of the ideas mentioned above will make you look startling yet remarkable at the same time. So make sure to utilize high-quality makeup products and apply all of these ideas to enjoy your event with crazy looks.


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