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Create the Best B2B Ecommerce Software with the Joomla Ecommerce Extension

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Everyone out there who is very much enthusiastic of having their own b2c, c2c, d2c, or b2b eCommerce software should know the fact that there are various non-joomla and joomla eCommerce extension which claim to provide 100% reliable solution to let you create marketplace of your own. But none of them except a few let you do so so easily or without charging hefty amounts.

For example, The list of such platforms is huge but the most prominent ones which have successfully turned out into fooling people around who are enthusiastic about starting up with this journey of owning, maintaining, regulating, and lastly earning profits through their online shopping cart. The list includes Shopify, WooCommerce, X-cart, CS Cart, BigCommerce, NopCommerce, Magento, Hikashop, Hikamart, Sharetribe, Virtuemart, J2 Store, prestashop, Dokan, and various third-party service providers. Having e-commerce applications for your business means everything in today’s world.

These above-mentioned platforms are nothing but just a scam business running by fooling and capturing money through dark pattern business and operational strategies. Platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce tend to mislead their subscribers or site visitors by hiding the information that they aren’t the multi vendor eCommerce solutions provider. Such platforms need to remember that an information made hidden from the end user is nothing but a lie being spoken.

You may earn one-time with such practices but as soon as the user wants to scale up their marketplace they will have to either completely move to a newer platform by creating everything from scratch or incorporate the third-party development services to support their marketplace in compliance to these unsupported platforms. The user journey when mapped becomes full of pain and sorrow when one uses the above mentioned platforms. Moreover, these platforms do not provide the frontend template to let the user kick start their online marketplace. 

Choose what suits you best to create a b2b eCommerce software

Of course, by now you must be thinking about what ideal platform should be used. Actually any platform which provides almost every essential feature to let you create, operate, maintain a b2c, c2c, b2c eCommerce software with affordable prices is good to go with. One such platform is Sellacious – an ultimate joomla eCommerce extension which comes with more than 5000 essential eCommerce features which empower every eCommerce enthusiast to create a b2c, c2c, d2c, or a b2b eCommerce software, that too within minimal time, with no prior experience or technical knowledge, and minimal cognitive load, that you could ever have to invest in any other platform.   

There comes the quickstart package to kick start your journey without any hiccups and a detailed yet easy to understand documentation, world-wide internet based community support as it is an open sourced platform, 24 x 7, 365 days available in-house development and the customer support team to build custom modules and take up any query or hear grievances respectively.  Within this platform a subscriber can start building up their platform at no cost.

The platform is also as a software as a service, in short, SAAS, where the quickstart package which is readily available at the official website could be freely downloaded and hosted on the platform provided hosting solutions.This platform has more than nine UX and SEO/SMO optimized front end templates to let anyone create their own marketplace from scratch without any prior  experience or technical knowledge of creating and handling it. There are two other versions as well with the platform – named as lifetime version and the enterprise version.

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You can scale your marketplace subsequently by selecting the subscription package of your choice. With the freemium version itself anyone could quickstart their own online marketplace. You have to mandatorily need to have a Joomla account in order to kickstart your journey. This version is the father of any other platform when it comes to providing flexibility, agility, robustness, performance, and reliability.

The performance you achieve by subscribing to this version is far better than anyone opting for any third party plugin, hosting environment and shared resources, like that from Amazon AWS, or any other online store builder. Choose the best, Go for Sellacious! Start with the quickstart package readily available on the official site and host it on the Sellacious provided hosting for seamless performance.       


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