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Create a Piece of Visual Comfort with Lighting for Home Security

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Security is on the mind of the homeowner more and more, with break-ins occurring more frequently. An ingenious burglar will observe a homeowner’s habits, mainly when the lights go out at night. The proper outdoor lighting can assist in deterring a potential threat but needs to be well thought out and provide visual comfort to the owner if adequately used.

 Outdoor lighting combined with sensitive motion sensors provides a sense of security, especially with a home that has numerous dark corners. Let’s discuss them in brief.

Is creating a plan for exterior security lighting is not a difficult task or not?

Creating a plan for exterior security lighting is not difficult but should be thoughtfully considering to avoid blind spots. Motion sensor spots can be mounting anywhere on the house, on posts, in trees, or other structures surrounding the home.

Positioned carefully- not easily reached by an intruder

 They can also incorporate them into landscaping lights to look more natural. It is essential to place these lights so that they are not easily reach by an intruder, who will destroy or disable them instantly. The professional installer will also assist in the correct settings to prevent an over-sensitive system that birds and squirrels activate.

Creates blind spots

Smaller homes do not need many lights to create deterrence and benefit from those in the apparent areas – front door, garage, and back door or deck. A larger home with more architectural features often creates blind spots and should use exterior security lighting near these areas.

Plenty of options- work off of simple battery packs

 New construction provides the ability to add breaker switches for complex wired lighting, but plenty of possibilities work off simple battery packs.

The benefits of motion sensor lighting are that they conserve energy by not being on all of the time and surprise and scare away most intruders.

Installing floodlights- greater control to change the light for different situations.

Doorways and windows should be the first areas consider for illumination. A prowler will seek out these areas as easy targets. Lighting these areas will be the first on the list. A lighting professional can assist in recommending the right product for the exterior of a home.

 Installing floodlights on a dimmer system allows the homeowner greater control to change the light for different situations. The entire backyard plan should consider the lot’s perimeter to create greater peace of mind. Various bulbs are deemed to be based upon their intensity, with the most popular being halogen or incandescent.

Outdoor lighting- provide lighting that shows off landscaping features

Outdoor lighting for security reasons is also a great excuse to provide lighting that shows off landscaping features. Fire pits, water features, and lush plantings can be the highlight with controllable lights highlighting an entire area. This outdoor lighting not only provides security but also used for giving an aesthetic look to the room.

This provides extra protection for the homeowner who is outside using these areas at night. In essence, the best of both worlds occurs because the homeowner is given reassurance, and the home and surrounding grounds will be lit beautifully.

A well-designed lighting plan for the exterior of a home will not only consider security but maintain an aesthetic quality and visual comfort.

The home should be accentuating by the light that washes its features in a warm tone, without creating glare inside the house or into the neighbors’ windows.

The exterior lighting plan can be wiring in conjunction with a home security system for additional protection of your home with visual comfort.


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