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Create a perfect party atmosphere with Disko lys & røgmaskine

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In a good celebration it is important to provide all the comfort to the guests, in addition to what is necessary for the event is the decoration which makes the event special, if you want to be part of that process go ahead and connect with the Fest leje service provider now! They provide all equipment from Disko lys to røgmaskine, everything available. 

Give a unique look to the party with Disko lys

Good disco lighting plays a very important role in any type of dance floor. It depends on it to create the ideal atmosphere for all the guests. That is why in diskotekerne.dk we have a vast selection in terms of lighting equipment for disco, disco lights and party rooms. Light is key in our day to day, both natural and artificial. In the case of holidays or day celebrations, we have to take advantage of all the natural light we can. Whereas when we organise a party or event at night the light decoration comes to the forefront to make the event so attractive.

Disko lys is a very important aspect of any disco equipment setup and should not be underestimated or underestimated. However, when you have a smart thought of the choices of equipment for a party, you will discover it is generally simple to furnish yourself with phenomenal lighting arrangements at reasonable costs.

There are many types of Disko lys available and their price differs greatly, so it’s a good idea to plan your needs and understand that. If you only make small or sometimes medium-sized places, you won’t need a lot of light arrangements. or excellent lighting equipment, as they can only be used a few times a year. In fact, it can be more realistic and beneficial to buy some good lights, some moving head scanners, a laser and a røgmaskine and, on the rare occasions when you need more lighting, you can hire more lights.

Fest leje lighting organizer

In case you are not satisfactory about the right establishment of the gear, or the ideal scenes that you ought to remember for your dance club, it is best that you get top to bottom guidance from a lighting designer at Fest leje Lighting organizer. This work is becoming increasingly relevant in the world of sound and professional lighting. Since they are people who have a clear knowledge and experience, they can help you to get the most out of the equipment of lights.

Amazing effects with røgmaskine

Robotic lights, LED Torque, Disko lys and a variety of LED equipment includes effects of all kinds in its construction. Although the lighting equipment has a high variety and much to choose from. There is one excellent background equipment without which the night parties you go to feel incomplete. That equipment is røgmaskine. 


Smoke is a legendary element within the light systems. Thanks to the fog they create they allow the lights to enhance their intensity. No matter how powerful the bulb or LED is. A good use of smoke will allow all the effects to be felt much better. Put a touch of smokiness’ during the encounters with friends with top quality røgmaskine. Which incorporates an automatic system that synchronizes the light with the music that is playing at all times. Fun is guaranteed!

Now you can create a perfect atmosphere for dancing in any room at home. Inside or outside, on a terrace, on a patio or under a summer night. Create a jovial and party atmosphere in just a few minutes. You can place the disko lys and røgmaskine in any corner of the house. Any smooth surface will work. Although if you prefer and have a place to set up your own dance hall. You can hang it from the wall or ceiling. Includes stud and screw support. Once hung, it can be easily adjusted.


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