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Why Do You Need cPanel for Your Business?

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If you are working towards building up an online presence, you must have heard about cPanel. There are various website hosting companies offering hosting packages for free. However, many of you might not understand the importance of cPanel for your business.

There have been too many debates about making cheap cPanel licenses affordable for a majority of web hosting providers. Therefore, Navicosoft facilitates you in providing a cheap cPanel license. We provide you an opportunity to make your savings on the cPanel pricing by offering a comparatively cheap cPanel license.

 A cPanel is a browser-based control panel. Website owners use it to manage their websites. Therefore there is no need for website administrators or proper tech teams since all the tools are available within the control panel. Using the cPanel dashboard, you can conveniently install content management systems (CMS) to manage your databases, backups, emails, domain names, etc. Here are a few notable reasons why it is essential to have cPanel for your business.

Ease of use

A cPanel simplifies the task of running a website. If you do not know about building a website, having user-friendly CMS is crucial enough to make the whole process easier. Without a CMS, you will have to understand computer languages. However, using a CMS, like WordPress or Joomla, you can create, organize and even secure your website.

Another advantage of cPanel for your business is that it cPanel automatically performs scanning on your server and website for various services. If there is something not working, it will reboot your system to get it running again.

One more important feature is its Web Disk. A web disk makes it convenient to organize, upload, manage, download, and navigate all web files.

Reliability and security

One of the best things that cPanel is known for to keep your website running. The reliability features are already the best point, along with the automatic scanning. However, it also provides security features. Hackers look for vulnerable websites to exploit them. Hence it is important to protect the website in all the possible ways you can. cPanel plays an important role in keeping you and your visitors’ information safe.

cPanel provides various security precautions that you can add to your account. It gives you password protection from any of the directories to create within your account. Consequently, it ensures that there are no unwanted visitors able to freely breach your information.

The cPanel also allows you two-factor authentication for the best security on your website. It means that users will have to provide two forms of identification to log in or access protected directories. Moreover, if you are concerned about people trying to log in from doubtful IP addresses, you can activate your Security Policy.


It is important to monitor the statistics involved with your website to understand how the content is doing. Some tools can help you with this process.

One of the tools for this is the Visitor’s interface. You can analyze the information based on 1,000 recent visitors to your website. You can access this by going to the metrics and checking Visitors in cPanel. There you can see visitors’ IP addresses and all the essential information.

The information is helpful enough to see who your audience is. You can configure all the content and web pages based on these stats; hence it marks the importance of cPanel for your business. You can see from where the people are visiting from and how you can change your content accordingly.

Get your cPanel License Today!

Navicosoft understands the importance of cPanel for its users. It is the easiest and most user-friendly control panel due to its features. Therefore Navicosoft offers the cPanel license at an affordable rate. Once you buy the license, we will immediately activate it following a few steps.  Navicosoft is among the few companies that have an expert cPanel certified Support Team. Our dedicated service helps in transferring the host and cPanel license activation.


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