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COVID vaccine private hospital in Madurai

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Vaccination is our only hope to protect us from deadly diseases. The coronavirus is very dangerous, and even for people to go outside and spend quality time is not possible and safer. The severity is losing our loved ones. One should get vaccinated not just for your own sake but also for your family, especially the elders. Home isolation has been allowed in India for covid affected individuals, and the private hospital in Madurai has started giving home care treatment for covid19.

The package comes under the name 14day remote monitoring.

Get a Vaccine from a fully equipped hospital.

Devadoss Multispeciality hospital in Madurai is equipped with modern state-of-the-art technology but also with highly skilled medical personnel. They have doctors among the best in the world with a high level of surgical expertise. This hospital has a range of departments, such as the surgery care unit, cardiology, emergency care, ICU, chronic treatment unit, radiology, pathology, etc. 

Why vaccinate here

Their services, cleanliness, and hygiene, the doctors and nurses are well-trained medical staff, and updated technology ensures that we continue to provide high-quality and safe care. And has professional physicians, surgeons, and nurses who provide the best treatment and patient care. They have a custodian mopping the floors after the floor of the patients regularly. In room after room, the custodian diligently mopped the floor and steps. So there won’t be any bacterial or viral contagion at the bottom of any room. There will not be indiscriminately spread throughout every room in the facility.

World-Class infrastructure and facilities for covid patients 

The hospital has 200 beds, with various rooms to choose from according to the priority of the patient. The rooms are designed for most patient convenience; keep in mind the costs. The unique suite rooms and super deluxe rooms are available for those who prefer. Also, an in-house diet service with a wide range of multi-cuisine room services is available.

They have 36 intensive care beds comprising Neonatal ICU, Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, Cardiothoracic ICU, Cardiac Care Unit, Post Operative Ward, and Isolated ICU, ensuring specialized care around the clock.


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