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People commonly refer to all types of boxes as cardboard boxes. This, however, is different. There is a distinction between cardboard and corrugated boxes in the professional world. When ordering boxes for your business or company, you must specify your required boxes.

If you do not use the appropriate packaging material, your items may be damaged during handling and shipping. As a result, it is critical to understand the distinction between cardboard Mailer Boxes and corrugated boxes.

The distinction between corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes

There are a few distinctions between the two types of boxes. The main difference is the material used to create them. Aside from that, they differ in the support and rigidity they provide to the products inside. Custom packaging companies deal with both types of boxes. Companies have many options when selecting carton boxes for their products.

Boxes made of cardboard

Cardboard boxes are made of thicker paper sticks and heavier paper pulp. This material is used to make both small and large packaging. Your product will have more structural support with cardboard.

As a result, the material is also used to make notepads. It is sometimes placed inside shirts to keep them from losing their shape. Because it wholesale by fast custom boxes has been used for a long time, they are easier to obtain. Boxes of various sizes are available from cardboard carton suppliers.

Shipping Boxes Made of Cardboard

Cardboard packaging is not the best choice for shipping because it provides less support. There is a chance that your product will be harmed in the process. You will also need to include extra material, such as bubble wrap or paper, to protect your product. If you do this, the cardboard will be able to save your product. You can get wholesale shipping boxes that are suitable for lighter products.

Boxes Made of Corrugated Material

Corrugated boxes are made up of multiple layers of material rather than a single sheet. They have three layers of sheets in total. There are two types of liners: outside liners and inside liners. There is a medium in between these two, and it is fluted. Despite having three layers, corrugated boxes are lightweight and easy to transport.

Furthermore, they offer more protection to the product than cardboard boxes.

Shipping Corrugated Boxes

Even when shipping a product, corrugated boxes are an excellent choice. Custom shipping boxes with logos are standard, as they are used by companies like Amazon. They withstand mechanical pressure and stress well. Even in harsh conditions, these boxes can provide more protection to the product contained within. You can be confident that your product will arrive in perfect condition if you ship it in a corrugated box. Custom-printed corrugated boxes can be obtained for international shipping, allowing your brand to gain international recognition. Packaging box manufacturers provide various customization options so that you can remain unique.

Which box should I select?

The company must determine which box is required for their needs. It is entirely up to you to make this decision. Cardboard boxes can be used if your company manufactures lightweight items such as paper sheets. Because corrugated boxes are a little rougher, custom luxury boxes are usually made of cardboard. However, if your company manufactures heavier items or products that are fragile and prone to breaking, you should use corrugated boxes. Because printing on cardboard boxes is much easier than printing on corrugated boxes, if you want printed boxes, you must get them in cardboard.

Custom boxes for businesses each have advantages; it is up to you to determine which is best for your product. Many companies have switched to corrugated boxes because they are recyclable, whereas cardboard boxes tend to break or deform. It is best to make an environmentally friendly choice in an era when people are more environmentally conscious. You can make your shipping box with the help of a packaging company to customize it for your business.


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