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Corporate Taxi Booking Solution: Step-by-Step Process, Features, & Tips

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Transportation has been vertically evolving ever since the invention of the wheel! However, lateral innovations have been too sparse. One of the most recent innovations in the transport field is the ushering of the on-demand model. Corporate Taxi was pioneer by Uber, and the model is a little over a decade old. This meant that you did not have to wait for a cab and did not have to depend on uncertainties involved in availability and pricing. Today, it has become almost mandatory for every cab company to have its own mobile app to stay relevant and competitive.

The cab industry is expect to be worth more than $1.6 trillion by 2025. It is only natural that any aspiring entrepreneur wants to be a part of this profitable market. As you may have guess, the space is quite crowd, and the secret is to identify a niche where you can be a big fish in a small pond.

Introducing corporate travel

Since the industrial revolution, one of the biggest needs for everyday travel has been traveling to work. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily pause the need for travel, it is bound to come back with a greater magnitude. When people start to travel to work again, that will be an additional emphasis on safety. Therefore, many corporate companies may use cab solutions to transport their employees from homes to offices. The travel needs are not just limite to everyday commutes but also for traveling to meetings and for marketing/sales purposes.

The relevance of corporate taxi solutions

There are many reasons corporations need to provide taxi services for their employees. While some companies have had it for ages, now is when many other companies should follow suit. This can be made possible only when taxi services become affordable and more available.

Taxi services for employees play a major role in reducing uncertainties associated with transportation. Employees will not miss productive work hours because they cannot find a private cab or public transport to reach their office. It also allows you to open your office in a place that is far from transportation hubs, like a bus stop or a train station. Yes… Bicycles could be a good option for people staying close.

We have already seen the importance and relevance of safety. While we have already discuss the safety aspect relate to the pandemic and reducing exposure to external elements, there is also a considerable degree of safety associate with transportation itself. A cab makes your employees less susceptible to accidents and injuries.

The advantages do not stop with the surface alone! A corporate taxi solution provides transparent billing to the office. Instead of depending on employees to submit their bills, a corporate taxi solution sends the bill directly to the office with details like the driver, the pricing, and the details of every ride taken, including the duration. You can also ensure that the taxes are properly done.

 GPS technology is what made the entire on-demand resolution possible. You can find the cab’s location in real-time when you have a GPS transmitter attached to every cab that offers corporate transportation services. This will also help you estimate the arrival time and monitor the route’s accuracy.

Features of a corporate taxi service

At the skeletal level, a corporate taxi solution might have all the features of Uber. However, a corporate transportation service provider must have a few important features that distinguish it from a normal retail service provider.

At the corner, it is understand that providing transportation services for a company is quite different from providing transportation services for an individual, although “transportation “remains the same!

As a corporate taxi service provider, you must provide companies with a dedicated corporate management panel. While the panel sounds like a simple idea, it must be note that cabs that serve a specific corporate company need to be earmark, and only the information regarding those cars needs to be provide for the corporate company.

The company needs to be provided with a separate set of login credentials that entitle them to view information on the total number of active cabs, the position of the cabs on the GPS, the active/inactive status of drivers, the contact numbers of drivers, the employees assigned to each driver and their contact details, the billing/invoicing details, and the commercial elements.

More often than not, the cab panel is operate by someone who might need more technical expertise. Therefore, the interface’s intuitiveness plays a major role in influencing your acceptance as a corporate taxi provider.


It has been establish beyond question that the corporate taxi business is beneficial and lucrative from all dimensions. The COVID-19 pandemic might have slowed down the demand for corporate travel, but it is only like pulling back a catapult. When released, it will bring out a great force in restoring travel needs. This gestation period is a great time for an entrepreneur to explore this avenue of corporate taxi services.

What makes the entire process easy is the ready availability of technology. Many white-label solutions can help you take care of the technology ecosystem needed to launch this service. Once you have the business’s operational and marketing aspects figured out, you can launch your own profitable and promising corporate taxi solutions.


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