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Convert OLM to CSV on Mac – Easily Export OLM Files to CSV Format

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If you are an Outlook user and looking for ways to convert OLM to CSV on Mac, then you are at the right place. We are going to discuss the best ways that you can opt to convert the data files using the most efficient ways.

Let us first introduce the file formats that you are planning to convert. The OLM file is an Outlook for Mac data file that is capable of storing all kinds of data items such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc. It is not flexible to be used on other platforms and if you need to access its data on some other application, you will have to convert it into the respective file type.

You can convert OLM to CSV on Mac using any of the several ways available that we are going to describe in this article. This conversion of files can prove to be very beneficial for the users in the following ways:

One can easily access the data of an OLM file in the variety of spreadsheet programs available today.
The CSV files stores the information in a table format that becomes easier for even naive users to read.
Several platforms support the CSV file making it much more versatile than an OLM file.

How to Convert OLM to CSV on Mac?

There are manual as well as automatic methods to perform this task. As there are many drawbacks linked with the manual methods, we shall first talk about the direct way available. You can use the free version of SysTools Mac OLM Converter that will help you out with the task. The advanced features that it offers are listed below:

  • Feature to convert OLM to CSV on Mac in bulk.
  • Convert OLM files of Mac Outlook 2019, 2016, 2011.
  • Selectively export the OLM files using date filtering.
  • Convert the data into 11 different file formats.
  • Export the group contacts from OLM to CSV file.

The working of the software is very simple as it only requires you to take a few simple steps to achieve the results.

Note: For Win users, SysTools OLM Contacts Migrator is the best utility.

Manually Convert OLM to CSV on Mac

  1. Launch Mac Outlook on your system. If you have the OLM file lying outside of it, then import it using the Import/Export feature.
  2. Click on Import/Export > “Export to a File” from the Import and Export wizard.
  3. Select Comma Separated value click on Next.
  4. Choose the desired location to save the file and hit Finish.

The manual method does have a lot of limitations such as the inability to convert any other data into CSV apart from contacts. The process to convert OLM to CSV on Mac is very lengthy and consumes a lot of time. Mac Outlook installation and configuration are necessary for this method to work.


In this article, we have explained the best ways to convert OLM to CSV on Mac. Both manual and automatic ways are well explained above that you can choose to opt for. The former method is much more efficient and will produce perfect results. You can try its free demo version before going for the licensed one.


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