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Contact lens brands that are great for dry, sensitive eyes

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If you have sensitive eyes like dry eyes, you need to consider the types of contact lens brands you wear. Dry eyes are a chronic condition that affects many people, but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear contact lenses. There are contact lenses that design to suit your need.

In this blog post, you will learn about Contact lens brands that are great for dry, sensitive eyes. These are contact lenses to help you stop getting dry, leading to pain and discomfort.

Moreover, these are contact lens brands to consider if you have been searching for the best contact lenses for sensitive, dry eyes.

Contact lens brands that are great for dry, sensitive eyes

The following are the best contact lens brands in manufacturing contact lenses for people with dry eyes. They are designed to suit dry eye conditions and assist them in stopping being dry all the time. They are comfortable and practical contact lenses.

Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses

If you have dry eyes, Bausch and Lomb contact lenses are the first brands to consider. 

Moreover, these lenses are made through Moisture Seal Technology which assists the lens in maintaining 95% of its moisture for 16 hours. Considering this, along with their breathability, Bausch & Lomb’s contact lenses are an ideal option for anyone with dry eyes.

2. Cooper Vision Contact Lenses

Lenses from CooperVision contact lenses economically offer superior comfort. These lenses combine excellent oxygen efficiency with natural wet lens material with Aquaform Comfort Science technology.

This results in a couple of contacts that keep your eyes healthy, white and moist throughout the day. The infinities are likewise products from superior hydrogel silicone and are a fraction of the price of equivalent lenses.


Biofinity lenses manufacture to serve people with dry eyes. The manufacturer used silicone hydrogen only, and there is no addition of additives, surface treatments, or lubrication. They’re made to allow oxygen to travel through while keeping the lenses moist for additional comfort.

Biofinity is made to be worn monthly, so you won’t have to buy them as often. Their material keeps your hydration and happiness by retaining as much water as possible.

Acuvue Oasys

Acuvue contact lenses are perhaps the world’s most popular two-week lens, and for a good reason. Each lens contains 38% water and uses Hydraclear Plus technology to delight dry wearers.

An additional feature is an integrated UV filter, which protects your eyes against dangerous sunlight. They were required to store in a contact lens solution, similar to the monthly ones, and cleaned during the day.

Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia helps fix the situation if you are after multifocal lenses while your eyes stay moist simultaneously. These lenses guarantee high humidity. They also shield against sun rays with ultraviolet light.

Air Optix

What to consider in Contacts for Dry Eyes

Air Optix contact lenses allow a substantial amount of oxygen to pass through the lenses, which helps keep the eye moist. They also have a flat surface that repels dirt and keeps moisture in. They will be comfortable to wear even if you have dry eyes.

If you find it hard to select which of the above brands suits you best, here are factors to consider, and you will then have background knowledge on selecting ideal contact lenses for dry eyes.

Oxygen Permeability

If your eyes are drier than typical

The cornea of your eye is covered by contact lenses, which can cause damage and cause pain. On the other hand, contacts with a high oxygen diffusion rate allow more oxygen to enter the cornea.

The permeability of the contact lens is the most crucial component to consider. This factor weighs the contact lens’s material and thickness and directly reflects the contact lens’s oxygen permeability.

The more oxygen through the lens to the cornea, the more permeable the lenses are. This benefits people with dry eyes because more oxygen equals more overall comfort.


One disadvantage of ordering contacts online is that it might be challenging to ensure that the lenses you receive are correct for your eyes.

During your eye exam, your eye care practitioner will obtain precise measurements reflected in your prescription.

On the other hand, patients with dry eyes may require more trial and error to get the perfect fit, which They should do under a professional’s guidance. Even if the prescription is accurate, an ill-fitting contact lens will make your eyes uncomfortable.

If you have dry eye problems, fitting contact lenses can be complex. Please don’t be hesitant to talk to your eye doctor about it; they’ll be able to help you figure out which contact lens is best for you.

Water Content

Water is used to make contact lenses; however, the amount varies depending on the lens design. Lenses with a high water content are thicker, whereas those with a low water content are thinner.

Even though you might think that more water means more hydration and that high-water-content contacts are better for dry eyes, the opposite is true.

Since they can suck water away from the eye, more excellent water-content lenses may exacerbate the feeling of dryness. Lenses with reduced water content are generally more pleasant for people with dry eyes. Dry eye patients should opt for contacts designed with 40% or less water to avoid this moisture-wicking effect.

Frequent Replacement

The more the dryness of contact, the more pollen, bacteria, proteins, and fat deposit on your lenses, and the more discomfort your already sensitive eyes create. The more your eyes will get.

Many people feel more comfortable replacing their contact lenses significantly more often than the manufacturer’s instructions. The best strategy to ensure comfort is replacing new contacts daily.

Final words

You can still use contacts even if you have dry eyes, but you must choose the proper type. This usually entails working closely with an eye doctor to ensure you obtain the best fit and replacement schedule possible.

When purchasing on your own, search for lenses that contain less than 40% water, have good oxygen permeability and are made of silicone hydrogel. Bausch & Lomb is a fantastic place to start if you’re seeking lenses that will cover all the essentials.

Cooper Vision Lenses are an excellent choice if you want to locate a pair that fits your budget (after all, you’ll probably need to buy these more than once).


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