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Connecting Pediatricians And Families Via Telehealth

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The coronavirus pandemic led to an increase in demand for remote healthcare solutions, and so telehealth has now become more widespread. Telehealth is a virtual healthcare tool that provides you with various kinds of health-related services. It uses multiple technologies such as live, interactive audio and video, electronic medical records, and remote patient monitoring to ensure adequate healthcare solutions.

Pediatric Telehealth

Telehealth can provide health care services in times and places where families and caregivers can only sometimes access facility services. Pediatricians can also examine your child through your home computer or a computer in your child’s school or childcare setting.

​​Although there is a pandemic, you must consult your child’s pediatrician whenever needed to maintain good physical and mental health. Telehealth services or take appointments with your pediatrician. And pediatric specialists are an excellent option to ensure your child’s health care needs. This need became more prominent during COVID-19. Pediatric telehealth is especially applicable for those who have barriers. Such as geographic location and children with pre-existing conditions who cannot be exposure risks. Book an online appointment with a pediatrician near you. 

Pediatric telehealth can be used for follow-up.

With a specialist Best online doctor in regards to pre-existing conditions. Such as congenital disabilities, medication checks, chronic diseases, behavioral problems, etc. It is also being used with matters non-emergency as cold symptoms. Slight fever, rash, minor cuts, burns, pink eye, and more. Parents and caregivers can also avail of services after hours by booking an appointment anywhere and anytime they need. Your on-call online physician will be answering all your concerns via telehealth. 

Benefits of Virtual Consultation with Your Pediatric Specialist

  1. Telehealth links you and your child to a very diverse group of online healthcare. Specialists that might not be available in your area.
  2.  Telehealth disregards the need for in-facility visits for non-emergency health-related problems. You can now have face-to-face online consulting sessions and share your concerns with a pediatric doctor online.
  3.  Pediatric telehealth enhances accessibility in times and places where traditional healthcare services are not available. 
  4.  Cost, resource, and time efficiency.
  5.  Easy access to online doctors for families and caretakers living in remote areas without healthcare facilities or child specialists. 
  6.  Telehealth also eliminates the struggle to find childcare for other children in the family.
  7.  Pediatric telehealth is an excellent tool for parents with children that are immunocompromised. Online appointments for routine checkups can significantly reduce the risk of exposure to other illnesses, especially the coronavirus.
  8.  Pediatric telehealth also offers behavioral therapy for children with behavioral problems and special needs. It increases adherence to treatment and improves the overall well-being of your child. This is especially helpful for parents with special needs children, such as children with Neurological conditions, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, and congenital syndromes, developmental delays. 
  9.  Special children may also feel more comfortable in their environment, playing with their toys, away from external stressors. 
  10.  Telehealth eliminates the need for face-to-face sessions, so your child can continue therapy even if her health is compromised. 
  11.  Multi-disciplinary follow-ups with patients
  12.  With telehealth, parents and caregivers can remotely monitor the symptoms and vitals of their child with chronic conditions. For example, watch allergic reactions to specific foods or monitor the frequency of asthma attacks. Your online doctor will go through your observed data and facilitate an intervention.
  13.  Telehealth is also helpful for pre-surgery, and post-surgery follow-ups, treatment evaluations, and second opinions on medical interventions.
  14.  Monitoring and promoting physical activity for children with different conditions, e.g., hemophilia, balance, and motor disorders.

E-prescriptions for care at home.

It is essential to choose a telehealth platform with certified specialists that is safe and secure for the consultation and treatment of children. MY LIVE DOCTORS are a complete virtual healthcare solution. It is designed for all your physical and mental health care needs. MLD platform connects patients and pediatricians in a more accessible and interactive way that fosters positive patient outcomes, family and clinician satisfaction, and continuity of care.

Some of the services My Live Doctors offers are:

  • Pediatric telehealth providers are certified specialists who treat children. Telehealth providers should have the experience and training needed to know how to safely and correctly diagnose and treat your child’s condition. With telehealth, you can input all the information regarding your children, such as health records and past histories, so your online doctor can familiarize you with the case beforehand.
  •  When connecting with a pediatrician and pediatric specialist, it is essential to ensure patient safety and privacy. MLD offers an online appointment that is secure and private.
  •  With MLD, you can record all your child’s medical histories and tests on the patient profile before your appointment. This way, your online doctor will always have the necessary account, ask appropriate questions, and devise a personalized care plan. Your online doctor will also inform you if you need to take your child for a necessary-facility follow-up.
  •  MLD offers remote patient monitoring. For the next appointment, you can record all your child’s symptoms and vitals using medical devices. Your online pediatrician can also help you learn more about helpful monitoring tools to keep your child’s health in check.
  •  MLD doctors can also request medical tests and examinations for better diagnosis before prescribing a treatment plan. For example, if your child is suffering from burning while urinating and has a fever, your online pediatrician will request a urine test before suggesting antibiotics for urinary tract infections.


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