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Confinement drives the exponential growth of Big Data

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What is?

This term refers to data sets or combinations of data sets that have a significant size, growth speed, and complexity, which makes it difficult to capture, manage, process or analyze them using conventional technologies and tools, that is, they cannot be treated in relational databases and conventional statistics or visualization packages within the time necessary for your information to be useful. With Big Datas, inductive statistics are used, as well as concepts for the identification of non-linear systems. In this way, it is possible to infer laws of relationships – of causal effects and of non-linear relationships – from large data sets that have a low information density. This is done in order to reveal relationships and dependencies between data or to predict behaviors and outcomes.

The importance of Big Data in confinement

Being at home has complicated various activities that people carried out: many have been forced to resort to electronic means to resolve banking situations, purchase basic supplies, and, in many cases, teleworking.

For this reason, Big Data has become an alternative, since it facilitates the collection and analysis of datas, as well as the prediction of user behavior. It is an excellent resource for companies that Altiuz can optimally implement in their business.

Analysis and Big Data

For a few years, on the internet, it has been possible to consult, interactively and in real-time, the figures and data of a company or sector in specific updates, either at the national, regional, provincial, or even large cities.

It is not news that the technological evolution experienced has created digital identities that are in charge of collecting and separating the digital trace of each of the people: locations, devices, habits, activities, and searches in general.


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