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Complete Guidelines Of Edimax Range Extender Device

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Modern homes and businesses require stable, better and better wifi connectivity, because no work is done without internet connectivity. In today’s time, the Internet is require in every work. If you want unlimited quantities of the internet in your home and business, you can use an Edimax Range Extender or wifi router. Edimax is the name of a company that manufactures router, extender and network devices. The edimax router is a wireless wifi network device. It gives WiFi speed to your home and business. But sometimes it’s range does not come in the long-distance area, due to which the user is in trouble. Its solution is edimax extender. The edimax extender is a powerful network device that connects the existing router and it provides stable, stronger and better wifi connectivity in long-distance areas.

The edimax wireless range extender boost or extender the wifi speed throughout your whole home and business. It is of compact design, with a power adapter that can be plug directly into an electrical outlet. This extender eliminates the dead zone from every corner of your house and throws it away. The edimax feature smart setup and login i s quickly. It easily connects the existing router and other wireless network devices.

Need of the Edimax range Extender Device

Edimax Extender is require when our existing WiFi range is not available and moreover, there can be more benefits to this. Which follows are given below.

1. More coverage

If you use WiFi router to enjoy WiFi connectivity in your home, but it will not cover more coverage. For this solution, connect the edimax extender to the wifi router also it gives stable connection in your whole home. From which we can watch 4k videos, check email and at the same time your children play online games without any buffering. This extender has external antennas, Those who catch the range, that is, increase the range of wifi. This means the extender covers more coverage as compare to the router. If you set up the extender in the 1st floor, it gives stable connectivity in the 3rd floor.

2. Eliminate the dead zone

The range Extender device is also need to eliminate the dead zone. If you are using a wifi router, this device creates the dead zone in your home and business. From which we cannot see the 4k videos. If you watch 4k videos, buffering starts. In this solution setup the edimax extender also you can use edimaxext.setup. Every user easily setup the extender with the web address. Extender provides better wifi range in every corner of the house, so it eliminates the dead zone of the whole house or business.

3. Stable connection

If you require a stable connection, the edimax range extender fulfills the requirement of the stable connection. The edimax extender has the feature of dual-band. The dual-band extenders are those extenders also which support 2.4GHz frequency and 5GHz frequency. It provides 300mpbs speed for 2.4GHz frequency and 1734mpbs speed for 5GHz frequency. Sable connection means wifi network range stays the same in any environment. The edimax extender provides the stable connection of all the devices.

4. More device connectivity

The edimax range extender is need to connect more devices. Because the router does not connect more devices, if it connects more devices, this router will not give better and stable wifi connectivity to all the devices. The extender has the feature of MU-MIMO technology, which allows 100+ more devices to connect.

5. Easy to manage and control

The edimax extender is need to control and manage the device. The device can be controll and manage by setup the edimax extender. But to set up the extender you must set up the wifi edimax router. To set up the edimax router, attach the wifi router to the computer. Then, open the web browser and type http //edimax.setup in the URL bar and press enter. After that, fill login details in their fields. A setup section is displayed on the page, click on it. After that, follow the prompt instruction. The setup is complete of the edimax router.

If you want to set up the edimax extender also you can use the WPS button. At first, press the WPS button on the extender and wait some time, the power LED light will blink in the front. Within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on the router. And wait for at least 2 minutes till the extender is connected to the existing network. After that, the power LED light turns to be solid green. Now, the edimax range extender device setup is successfully completed through the WPS button.

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