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Complete guide to recover deleted data from techfelts

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In the era of this evolving technology, many users would be looking for versatile applications that would be fulfilling their needs to a larger extent. This website is making waves which is providing the users with the recovery of various digital elements. Through this platform, the users would be able to know about techfelts. If the person wants to get information then they can read the below content. 

Understanding Techfelts And Its Services:

Techfelts is considered one of the unique websites that provide users with recovery-related information. If the person wants to recover voice changer, photo recovery, video call, and many more then this platform is considered as one of the most relevant destinations. This platform is available on various platforms like the Play Store. The person would be able to get access to this website when they are making an account on this platform. 

Navigating the Techfelts Website:

You would know that this platform is not having any standalone app but the users would be able to access the information available on this platform. If the person is curious to get the phone-free call features or any other feature then you may visit this site. 

How To Recover The Deleted Photos?

If the person wants to recover the deleted photos then they have to follow certain steps which are listed below:

  1. Firstly, the person has to visit the mobile gallery of your mobile phone which would show the person with a plethora of memories which are captured by your mobile phone lenses. 
  2. The user has to click on the three dots which are available at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Then you have to navigate to the recycle bin which would show the photos which you have deleted within 30 days.
  4. You have to search for the photos which you want to recover and then click on it.
  5. The person would be able to see a “restore” option just at the bottom of the screen and they have to click on it. Through this, the person would be able to restore the photos. 

Features of Techfelt App:

  1. This app is one of the free apps as the person need not have to think how to get back photos that are missing.
  2. Through this app, the person would be able to get back all the removed photos that the person wants to see in the gallery.
  3. The user need not have to download any app on your devices which are not safe and take a lot of memory on your mobile phone.
  4. The person would not be able to face any problems while using this app as it is user-friendly and this would save a lot of time. 


The process of techfelt download is very simple. This platform is catering to the digital recovery needs of the users. Whether the person wants to restore deleted photos or any other recovery options then the person would be provided with the relevant roadmap through this platform. 


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