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15+ Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid and Fix in 2021

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Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid: SEO is one of the Important factors for any Website to rank on Search Results,  We have sorted out the most common SEO mistakes to avoid if you are striving to be on top of your game.

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

With the increasing demand of the online market, it’s a struggle to maintain a top position. While many tools and tutorials will help you maintain the website, there are some common mistakes that SEOs overlook.

Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid and Fix
15+ Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid and Fix in 2021

We have created a list of the worst SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021 that you will find helpful in the process of making one of the most sought out websites.

Now, let’s dive right into it!

  1. Creating Duplicate Content 

The best strategy to sell something is to make it unique. If you duplicate some content, why would users be attracted to what they have already read?

Strive to work towards distinctive content. Duplicate content would not only drive your users away but your ranking would also be lowered.

So before you post content, make sure that is not duplicated. You can also use certain tools to help you avoid this basic common SEO mistake to avoid.

  1. Ignoring Search Intent 

This can be considered one of the worst SEO mistakes one can make. Never ignore the user’s search intent!

Make sure you have optimized your content in relevance with the user’s search intent.

This can be avoided by simple research. Look for the search intent while you are researching for keywords. This is where LSI comes into effect.

The best way would be by optimizing the title and meta-description. This will also decrease the bounce rate and help you improve your page’s authority.

If a user can connect with what your page offers and the page interaction increases, it will boost your page’s rank and trustworthiness.

2. Ignoring branded SEO & EAT 

Google came up with the guidelines of how a website will be evaluated based on EAT or expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. What needs to be kept in mind is that the evaluation will be done not only based on the content’s EAT but also the creator’s EAT.

Search intent plays a huge role in helping you create EXPERT CONTENT. If you know what the user wants, you can create the content as per their requirements. This is a great SEO strategy that should not be overlooked.

Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid
15+ Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid and Fix in 2021

Building authority is as important as writing relevant content. Best authority build-up occurs when you are referred by high authority domains. When experts refer your website to their users for relevant and useful content, your authority starts to build up.

A trustworthy site will always be sought after by users. So, make sure that a user can trust your page.

Trust can be built by providing a way for the user to connect with you, a contact number, correct location of the business, a brief description of the author, SSL certificate; refund policies are all some ways to build the trust of your website.

Try to avoid such local Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid.

Likewise, brand SEO will also help build the trust of the users on your website. Branding helps bring traffic to you and sets you apart from other competitors.

So make sure that you do not ignore the branding of your business.

3. Ignoring Structured Data and Search Features 

Structured data is very important. Organized data is what a user looks for on SERP. So make sure to make changes and updates to sort out the information that you want to be displayed in the description.

The search feature helps a user to find out what they are looking for without going through the process of skimming the whole website. It makes it easier for the user to navigate and makes them come back again and again to your website.

Don’t ignore this SEO tactic as it will help you bring users back to your site again and again. 

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4. Not Optimizing for Right Keywords 

Keywords optimization is the most extensive part of SEO. But it is also the most complicated. There is a lot that we overlook when using keywords.

Keyword stuffing, over-optimizing, not managing keywords as per search intent, and ignoring long tailed-keywords, etc. are a few of the off-page as well as on-page Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid that we can make unintentionally.

So, keep a close look at how keywords are being used on yours as well as your competitor’s website to help you analyze what will work best for you.

5. Not Well Define Title Tags and Descriptions 

Title tags and descriptions not only let the users know about the relevancy of the content but also help the search engine in doing the same.

Well-defined title tags and descriptions will help search engines optimize the results. Concise and accurate title and description help in improving the ranking of your web page.

So make sure your title tag is fetching and the description that is visible to the users on the search engine is relevant and descriptive of the content on the web page.

Not well-defined Title tags and descriptions will increase the bounce rate and decrease the authority and trustworthiness of the web page.

6. Not Using Analytics to see what Converts 

Conversion rate tells you the constant improvement in your business. And hence, you need to keep an up-to-date record of the conversion taking place.

Analytics is the best way to do this. It helps you keep track of what is happening with your website and lets you analyze what improvements are required to help with your rating.

So you see, this is not something you should overlook. Keep a track of your daily business and use analytics tools like Google Analytics to help you with this process. Also, see Why Angularjs Development Services are Popular Front-End Technology

7. Buying Backlinks 

Buying backlinks will always affect your ranking. If not today, then at a later stage; so make sure you are not making this mistake.

Go for authentic and well-earned backlinks. Even if they are no-follow, they will help in improving your page rank.

It is a black hat SEO practice. As the name suggests, it means you are trying to cheat the algorithm. This may lead to Google handing out a penalty in the form of lowering in rank or de-indexing.

8. Not Knowing your Audience 

If you don’t know your audience, you will not be able to create a great marketing strategy. A well-planned strategy will bring in more visitors increasing the scope of conversion.

So, make sure you have done your analysis on who your target audience is and what they want before you roll out your marketing tactics.

9. Missing Quality Links 

The Authority and relevance of the web page from where you are getting a backlink make up the quality of that link. So look for the opportunity to get links from high DA web pages.

Quality links let Google know that yours is a quality webpage. Getting quality links for your webpage is a very useful tactic that you should not miss out on.

10. Choosing Wrong Web Hosting

Using Web Hosting for your Website is one of the Most Important Factors for ranking your Website in Google and Other Search Engine,

if you have the Best Quality of Hosting Like Multiple Domain Hosting or SEO Optimized Hosting that help your website load faster and have Good Uptime that will help you out to rank your Website In Search In Easily.

11. Going astray with your Internal Links 

Internal linking if done correctly and will let you know if the user finds your content engaging or not. If the content is engaging, it means you are on the right path.

However, do not over-optimize. Your web-page should not be filled with lots of internal links. Make sure you are using anchor text or using relevant and contextual internal links.

This way customer engagement is maintained as well as they don’t get frustrated with the over-abundance of links.

Ask yourself, if you are maintaining the ratio or not.

12. Not Investing in Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Site

You may think about why this is important. The simple answer is not everyone has a laptop and almost everyone has a smartphone these days.

By making a mobile-friendly responsive site, you are increasing your customer base.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and invest a little in a customized site. This will help you in the long run.

13. Not Creating Link Worthy Content 

Remember, no matter what SEO tactics you are using, if your content is not good, you will not get quality backlinks.

Work on your content and make it relevant to the topic you have in mind. If your content is valuable, the authority sites will refer to your page increasing your authority.

This will be recognized both by the search engine as well as users improving the reliability of your web page.

14. Focusing on Link Quantity Over Link Quality 

If the backlinks you are getting are not quality links, then they will be of no help to your web page. If you are getting 100 backlinks, but 90 of those are spammy, Google will consider that your page is spammy too.

It doesn’t matter if the link has high DA, a spammy link will decrease the ranking and authority of your web page.

I hope you remember that company matters!!

15. Using Same Anchor Text for Link Building 

Using the same anchor text or over-use of heavy keyword-optimized anchor text for link building will look suspicious to Google.

It will also spam the page because of the over-use of the keywords and the same types of anchor-links.

16. Not Using Anchor text in internal Linking 

Anchor texts are very important. Not using relevant anchor texts for internal linking is one of the basic SEO mistakes that you can make.

It will also be a huge lost opportunity for your web page. Make sure you do thorough research on anchor texts and how to use them.

A good anchor text is descriptive of the page that the link will take you to. This way the user will be aware of what they are opening through the link. It makes the page more interactive and reliable for the user.

17. Common SEO Mistakes 

  1. Slow Site Speed: 

Slow site speed is a sure way to drive your traffic away and in turn the worst SEO mistakes you could make.

It’s better to look into the errors or glitches that are slowing down your speed and fixing them before any serious harm is caused to your site.

  1. Page Load Time: 

It is the time taken by a browser to send your query to the server plus the time taken by the server to respond to your query which is when the page you have requested will open.

This can be due to a lot of factors, the size of the image, java scripts, redirects, etc

Not analyzing these issues and fixing them will lower your rank in SERP.

18. Keyword Stuffing 

Using keywords unnecessarily in meta-data, URL, web content in the hope to increase the traffic on a website is called keyword stuffing.

This can be done in two ways- one is where it is visible to the readers and the other where it is hidden.

Keyword stuffing can lead to getting penalized or a lower SERP rating.

If Google does not penalize the website for stuffing, it will not even rank it higher. If this is not the case then the bounce rate increases, lowering the rank of the page.

19. No call to action for your visitors  

A call to action is a way to tell your visitors to do something. Examples are SHOP, COMMENT, SUBMIT, START, DIRECTIONS, etc.

This is the place to get creative. And this is the best and straightforward SEO tactic, which if you miss out on, would be a lapse of judgment that you do not want to make.


We hope that you find this list of SEO Mistakes that you should avoid helpful for the growth of your brand.


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