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Common Myths to be Aware of Before Buying Spices & Herbs

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Whole spices & herbs are known for their flavors and aroma. They add a spark into your cuisines and make dishes lip-smacking. Although many people don’t know the entire history and the variety of spices used in most dishes, many myths are prevalent regarding them in the market. These myths increase the confusion among the people. Thus, they start debating whether to add such spices into their routine diets or not.

That’s why we are going to debunk some of the common myths today.

Common Myths to be Aware of Before Buying Spices & Herbs

Here are some myths that you should be aware of before purchasing the Indian spices and herbs in bulks.

Myth 1- Spices don’t require Preservation.

False. Preservation is a must! And spices are no exception. Each spice has a definite lifetime. Therefore, they need proper preservation. If not preserved properly, they may lose their flavor, texture, and fragrance.

Also, Spices don’t require much effort for preservation. All you need to do is put them in an airtight container where they can’t be tampered with due to the moisture in the air. Keep them away from the sunlight, and make sure you use a dry spoon to scoop out the Spices from the container.

Myth 2- Spices are meant to consume fresh.

Another myth debunked. No doubt, most spices give a nice flavor while they are fresh. However, few can be very harmful if consumed fresh. Many spices give the best flavor once they are dried and ground. For example, black pepper is required in many recipes as a ground form to gives them an exotic flavor.

Many wholesale spices companies in the USA have an amazing variety of dried and ground spices that you can use to add the extra kick to your dishes.

Myth 3- Loose spices are safe.

You should never consume loose spices. They have a higher chance of adulteration with unhygienic substances. Loose herbs and spices are open; thus, dust and other particulates can easily fall onto them and get mixed. They do not have a natural aroma and flavor. Also, they have very inferior quality.

Therefore, make sure to buy your spices from a reliable wholesale Indian spices supplier who guarantees the quality of spices and ensures that their spices are always processed with cool grinding technology.

Myth 4- Spices Causes Ulcers

This may be the oldest myth related to whole spices and herbs that people have been following for ages. Spices do not cause any type of ulcers. Ulcers are caused due to the bacteria named Helicobacter pylori.

Not spices, but this bacterium is responsible for ulcers. Due to this myth, many people are hesitant to try out Indian spices and herbs and miss out on the best flavors in their dishes. Thus, leave all your worries and enjoy your spices the way you like.


These are common myths to be aware of before buying spices & herbs. Every region has its own myths regarding spices and herbs. Hopefully, we have covered all the popular myths. Feel free to share any of these myths with your friends and loved ones they may have heard while growing up and stopped them from consuming spices.

To give your family recipe the touch of homeliness and authenticity, always make sure that you buy your spices from the best Indian Wholesale Spices and herbs supplier.


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