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Common Causes Of These Five Pipe Noises

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You have been hearing some odd noises in your house, even when you are home alone. It is not a ghost – it is your plumbing -. Yes, the sounds you are hearing from your pipe are due to plumbing malfunction and not supernatural causes. 

These sounds can be horrifying, annoying, and even startling. In many cases, these sounds indicate serious plumbing problems. They ask for immediate repairing actions. 

Interestingly, your pipes are telling you their problems themselves. To figure out their problems, you need to understand their language. So, what are your pipes trying to communicate? The type of sound they make tells a lot about their condition. Listen carefully to the type of sound your pipes are making. 


The article discusses some of the pipe noises and the common reasons behind them. 

Squeaking Sounds 

Your plumbing system consists of small components to make the faucets and valves work properly. When these small components or washer areas wear out, you may notice whistling or squeaking sounds when these sections of pipes are used. 

The broken or worn washers are commonly near the dishwasher or washing machine. If you notice the squeaking or squealing sound whenever using these machines, have a professional plumber check that all the related valves are working properly. 

Banging Sounds 

The banging sounds from the pipes majorly indicate problems related to water pressure or water flow. The most common causes of these noises are trapped water bubbles and water hammers. 

The sudden closing of a running faucet or valve usually causes water hammers. The water that was running towards the valve or faucet escape has high momentum, when this water meets a close end it produces a loud bang. Water hammers can also cause a series of small bangs in your pipes. 

Air traps in the pipes can be due to issues in the waterline. If banging in the pipes is due to the air in the pipes, the noise will mostly be heard right after you turn on a faucet. You may also experience some sputtering when the bubbles are traveling in the pipe. 

Both water hammers and air traps can occur due to various reasons. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional plumbing company and let them address the problem. 

Humming Sounds 

When the incoming water pressure is higher as compared to the dealing capacity of your system, it can leave pipes vibrating. These vibrations produce humming sounds in the pipes, especially when the water is running in them. 

Excessive water pressure can occur in any house, but it is especially common in houses connected to well water. If you have a well connected to your house and hear humming sounds from your pipes, immediately check the pressure in the tank. The general setting is no higher than 55 pounds per square inch, if higher, get it settled. 

If you do not have access to the reading point of your water pressure, call a professional to test the water pressure and make adjustments accordingly to stop the pipes from humming. 

Gurgling Sounds 

When your pipes face difficulties in draining, they protest uniquely by making gurgling or glugging sounds. Usually, these sounds indicate the presence of some obstruction in the pipes. This obstruction can be caused by an item accidentally washed down the drain, a soap scum, debris, minerals, hard water deposits, or even the broken insides of the pipes. 

A professional drain cleaner can help you clear the pipe obstructions and get rid of the most gurgling and sucking sounds.

Rattling Sounds

In modern homes, the plumbing connections are all hidden behind the walls, ceilings, and floors. The suspended pipes need secure fastening to avoid leaks and breakages. If a pipe fastener loses or falls, it will produce a rattling noise when water moves through that portion of the pipe. 

Because the pipe is hidden, you should call a professional plumber to locate and secure the problem and get rid of these annoying sounds.


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