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Color picker chrome extension

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ColorZilla for color picker chrome extension that helps web designer and visual fashioners with shading related undertakings – both fundamental and progressed. 

ColorZilla incorporates a Color Picker, Eye Dropper, Gradient Generator and numerous extra progressed shading apparatuses. 

With ColorZilla you can get a shading perusing from any point in your program, rapidly change this tone and glue it into another program. You can break down the page and investigate a range of its tones. You can make progress on multi-stop CSS slopes. 


  • Eyedropper – get the shade of any pixel on the page 
  • A high-level Color Picker like ones that can be found in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro 
  • Site page Color Analyzer – break down DOM component tones on any Web page, find relating components 
  • Extreme CSS Gradient Generator 
  • Range Viewer with 7 pre-introduced ranges 
  • Shading History of as of late picked colours 
  • Presentations component data like label name, class, id, size and so forth 
  • Blueprint components under the cursor 
  • Control tones by their Red/Green/Blue or Hue/Saturations/Value parts. 
  • Auto duplicates the created or examined shadings to the clipboard in CSS RGB, Hex and different configurations. 
  • Console alternate ways for rapidly testing page colours utilizing the console. 
  • Get the shade of dynamic components (floated joins and so forth) by resampling the last inspected pixel 

Extra highlights 

  • Single-tick shading picking – click on the principle ColorZilla toolbar symbol and you’re prepared to pick (as of now just accessible on Windows). 
  • Pick tones from Flash items 
  • Pick tones at any zoom level 

What’s new update

ColorZilla v2.0 

  • New inspecting modes (past point test) – normal 3×3, 5×5, 11×11, 25×25 pixels 
  • Capacity to test normal shade of any chosen territory (can average pictures, loud foundations and so on) 
  • Backing for retina shows 
  • Permit examining from local documents (“record:” urls) 
  • When examining, drop the archive down so it’s not darkened by the ColorZilla status board 
  • Fix inspecting of pages in zoomed see 
  • Extra changes and similarity fixes 

The ColorZilla 0.5.3 

  • Permit shading testing from pictures stacked in isolated tabs 
  • Page Analyzer upgrades 
  • Similarity changes for most recent forms of Chrome 

ColorZilla 0.5 

  • First open arrival of ColorZilla for Chrome 
  • Presents eyedropper, shading picker, history range, site shading analyzer, range program and then some
  • ColorZilla for Firefox is an extra that helps web designers and visual creators with shading related errands – both fundamental and progressed. 

With ColorZilla you can get a shading perusing from any point in your program, rapidly change this tone and glue it into another program. You can examine the page and investigate a range of its tones. The underlying range program permits picking tones from pre-characterized shading sets and saving the most utilized tones in custom ranges. DOM spying highlights permit getting different data about DOM components rapidly and without any problem. You can make progressed multi-stop CSS angles. 

New in ColorZilla 3.3 

  • New testing modes (past point test) – normal 3×3, 5×5, 11×11, 25×25 pixels – new in v3 
  • Capacity to test normal shade of any chose region (can average pictures, boisterous foundations and so on) – new in v3 
  • Permit examining colours from local “record://” URLs 
  • Auto-begin testing quickly of course on Mac when fundamental catch clicked 
  • Permit testing tones from pictures opened in a different tab 
  • A better name for the “Duplicate Special” menu to demonstrate different Copy choices and organizations 
  • Add “rgba” arrangement to Copy Special choices 
  • Keep the ColorZilla inspecting board steady size even in zoomed sees 
  • New setting to keep the report from being dropped down when examining 
  • Fixed help for Retina shows 
  • Fixed help for examining in zoomed see 
  • Fixed enduring of extra settings with certain program arrangements 
  • Fixed duplicating to clipboard from Copy Special menu 
  • Fixed Hexa lowercase/capitalized alternative 
  • Numerous changes and bug fixes 

New in ColorZilla 3.0 

Because of new Firefox add-on engineer necessities and limitations requiring all future extra advancement to be finished utilizing WebExtensions innovations, ColorZilla for Firefox has been re-composed from the beginning to conform to the new prerequisites. 

This new form holds all the usefulness, yet there may be minor UI/UX and different contrasts. 

Shading Picker Dialog: 

  • New Photoshop-like ‘new/current’ shading split board 
  • New smooth shading guide and shading slider controls (in view of John Dyer’s JS Color Picker) 
  • ‘Choices’ connection to switch between the ‘smooth’ and ‘discrete’ shading picker modes 
  • Test Lab and CMYK shading spaces support 
  • The new ‘Eyedropper’ button permits testing record tones while working in hex color picker 
  • Backing for ‘Getaway’ and ‘Enter’ console easy routes 
  • Eyedropper: 
  • Restricted Flash testing support 
  • Permit looking over the record while shading inspecting 
  • Web Color Analyzer: better shading range arranging 
  • Firebug joining: fixed Firebug ‘Review’ board opening for the last tested component 
  • Reestablished Options > Hide menu thing for concealing ColorZilla from the status bar 

Added ColorZilla to program ‘Instruments’ menu and App Button ‘Designer’ menu for simple admittance to fundamental choices and reestablishing ColorZilla whenever stowed away from the status bar.


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