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Cold Weather Hunting: How to Handle the Conditions

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When the temperatures drop, it’s time to go back to the shelter or maybe drive to hunt with your bag and baggage. After all, who likes to hunt when the fingers are stiff from the cold, your feet become two cubes of ice, and the clothes make it impossible to hunt comfortably. You can handle the cold weather conditions by planning and choosing the right accessories.

Hunting Clothing in Winter

The initial situation: It’s cold outside. You get into the car and turn up the heating as much as possible. Since there are usually a few more steps to be taken to get to the hunting seat, you start to sweat in your thick layer of clothing. The heat cannot dissipate as quickly as it builds up. If you come to rest on the seat, the cold creeps into your damp clothes, and you start to freeze.

Choosing the right clothes will not let the heat build in your clothes and make you sweat. The layer of clothes you choose will keep you comfortable. Therefore, selecting suitable cold weather hunting clothes is crucial; never underestimate their importance.

Hunting Shoes for the Winter

In our latitudes, there are usually arctic temperatures in winter. However, a few degrees below zero can be just as uncomfortable as a driven hunt at -10 degrees. In addition, not only does the actual cold plays a role when it comes to freezing but humidity and wind also harm the body and mind. 

Breathable and waterproof shoes are the perfect fit for a hunting trip. They will ensure that your shoes are ventilated but also keep them warm. Wear socks that are woolen, so they keep the heat inside. Toe warmers can also help you bring a little more warmth to your feet. If your feet are warm, then you will notice that your entire being will be comfortable.

Warm Hands = Safety When Hunting!

There are various possible solutions here. Many Nimrods wear good quality old muff and light gloves. The muff is hung around the neck and is lined with fur. You can slide your hands in and quickly pull them out again if necessary. The fingers stay warm and the safe and accurate shot will not be a problem.


If you are hunting in the cold, it is important to pay special attention to your intake. Feed the cold is often heard by people who work in extremely cold conditions and it is also true for winter hunters. If you take the right nutrition, your body will be able to make enough energy that the body will use to keep itself warm. Taking enough water is also as important as it is in the summers. In winters, you might not find the need to drink water but that could lead to dehydration. Water can also be taken with supplements that will maintain the nutrients in the body.

The cold puts immense strain on the body, even if you do not realize it. Hunting puts your body through stress and pressure and in order for the body to endure it, you need to be extra cautious of the conditions. The right clothes and nutrition will keep things on the right track.


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