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Who is Cleo Wattenström?

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Cleo Wattenström is a Swedish-American tattoo artist, most popular as the previous spouse of entertainer Joel Kinnaman.

The greater part of her tattoo plans depend on high contrast pictures. In contrast to other contemporary tattoo specialists, she makes plans utilizing dark and dim inks just, which consummately supplement the Chicano style of art.

Her adoration for art returns to her youth when she voyaged broadly with her folks, engrossing an assortment of social and creative impacts.

At 14, she chose to investigate the prospects of turning into an expert art and for that, she surrendered her proper schooling.

The youth began to sharpen her abilities at a neighborhood tattoo parlor and later transformed her enthusiasm into a vocation.

Cleo consistently floated towards capricious works of art; and subsequently, she decided to seek after one that individuals can in a real sense keep a secret forever.

Subsequent to building up herself as a tattoo art and making a recognized style, she presently possesses a tattoo studio. She is additionally working with an online art seller.

Early Life and Childhood

Cleo Wattenström was brought into the world on June 12, 1992 in Belgium several Swedish and Ethiopian plummets. She affectionately calls her mom ‘Kicki’.

Despite the fact that Cleo grew up fundamentally in Brussels, she broadly went with her folks until they at long last got comfortable in Stockholm, Sweden.

The family trips presented her to different societies and artistic expressions.

At 14, when she was living in Stockholm, she exited secondary school to seek after her enthusiasm for tattoo making.

In her meetings, she has referenced that her drawing abilities made it simpler for her to become familiar with the art.

Rather than proceeding with her schooling in a traditional school, she invested energy in looking for a tattoo art who could coach her.

In the interim, Cleo Wattenström chose to begin working with the goal that she could live all alone. Before long, she took up an understudy’s position at a tattoo salon, which was an ideal fit for the sprouting art.

Presently she only uses dark and dim ink to make her unmistakable style of body art ship. Her present tattoo art style can be ascribed to her adoration for highly contrasting films and pictures.


Cleo Wattenström turned into an expert tattoo craftsman at a youthful age. Moreover, she took up demonstrating tasks, posturing for a few books of style, retro, dream come true, and Goth, design and ghastliness classifications.

She additionally highlighted on the fronts of numerous nearby and global design diaries, including ‘Inked’ magazine and ‘Tattoo Life’ magazine.

Right now, Cleo claims a private tattoo studio called ‘Shanti Tattoo,’ situated in Venice, California while at the same time working in a Southern California-based tattoo shop.

She has cooperated with ‘Bleak Art Collective’ to dispatch an assortment of items, which are roused by her tattoo plans.

Large numbers of her tattoo plans include superstars, for example, the entertainer Marilyn Monroe and the painter Salvador Dali.

Personal life and Family

Cleo Wattenström is the previous spouse of the Swedish-American entertainer Joel Kinnaman. They began dating in 2014 and started to live respectively soon a while later.

Be that as it may, Joel was in every case hush-hush about the relationship. The couple was first seen by the media in August 2014, and they got official before the years over.

Their resulting marriage stayed a mystery until Joel chose to give everything away himself.

At the point when he was advancing his forthcoming film ‘Self destruction Squad’ in 2016, he was given some information about his better half Cleo by a questioner.

Joel corrected the questioner by saying “My Wife.”

It was uncovered on ‘The Late Show with James Corden’ that Cleo and Joel had a position of safety and speedy wedding in mid 2016.

Joel disclosed to Corden that he took Cleo to ‘Same Day Marriage’ in San Vicente Boulevard, California.

A Russian woman there advised them on the off chance that they needed to get hitched; she would charge them $435 to direct it.

The following second, Cleo and Joel were hitched. Their relationship didn’t appear to be influenced by Joel’s past, profoundly pitched undertaking with entertainer Olivia Munn.

Cleo and Joel got comfortable in Venice, California and regularly went on heartfelt outings everywhere in the world.

Cleo consistently posted minutes from their escapes on her online media stages.

The couple is not, at this point together, as they split following two years of marriage. In any case, sources uncover that the two split up much before their authority split.

Even subsequent to isolating, they keep a cordial relationship and are frequently seen all together by companions.

They once went to a UFC battle together and still remark on one another’s Instagram posts. After his partition, Joel has regularly been seen spending time with model Kelly Gale.


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