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Clear All Your Misconceptions About Botox Treatment

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You are thinking about getting Botox treatment, but in the end, you tossed off the idea. You are not the only one because Botox has a bad reputation. The first thing people imagine is expressionless frozen-faced celebrities when they hear the word “Botox.” Although, Botox provides an elusive and natural result when performed correctly.

You will still look like yourself after getting your Botox from them. Botox London ensures proper procedure. If you still worry about ending up with a frozen face, then the London Lip Clinic is there to help you. The London Lip Clinic has highly experienced and specialized aesthetic practitioners to perform advanced Botox injections to the body and face. Before talking more about Botox, the important thing is to know the areas Botox treatment focuses on.

The areas Botox focuses on

The areas Botox focuses on are the upper face, Eyes, and lower face. Now it’s time to know the exact location of the treatment.

Upper face:

  • Forehead lines
  • Between eyebrows or frown lines
  • Bunny lines or top of the nose


  • Hooded eyes or eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet or wrinkles around the eyes
  • Tear trough or under the eyes

Lower face:

  • Around the mouth (lipstick lines)
  • Chin to prevent dimpling
  • Neck and jaw lines
  • Bruxism – teeth grinding ( Jaw angle)

The misconception about Botox

Now let’s talk about the misconceptions surrounding Botox treatment. The biggest misconception surrounding Botox treatment and other neurotoxins is the frozen face or changing the way you look. It is not only the biggest misconception, but also the biggest fear. However, it is avoidable if you get your Botox injection from a practitioner with experience, qualifications, and skills.

A skillful practitioner focuses on softening the lines rather than erasing them. On the other hand, the words ‘toxin’ evokes fear in new patients. In this era of toxin-free beauty, people are more anxious about what they are putting in their bodies. At the same time, the idea of getting “neurotoxin” is a little terrifying.

However, this fear is unnecessary. Botox is a very safe treatment. The only thing you have to ensure is getting your injection from a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

The dose makes it poisonous

Another misconception surrounds the dose of Botox. However, Botox injections have extremely small dose. There is nothing like a toxin or bad Botox. The only thing is the inexpert injector. So, make sure to contact the best in the field to avoid any mishap when you get your Botox injection.

People are also concerned about the treatment duration. The Botox treatment needs three to six months. If you have any problem with the time duration, then the chances of success are low. Botox has less complication rate and highest satisfaction rate.

Botox has nothing to fear, but the thing is who you are getting your treatment from. So, in this case, you have to make you consult a board-certified, experience, and skillful practitioner for the Botox treatment. At the same time, Botox is the perfect treatment for you, if you want to soften your lines.


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