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Why Do People Prefer to Buy Quality Candle Snuffers for their Homes?

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A candle snuffer is known by several names like douter or candle extinguisher. It is a small tool that is designed to extinguish burning candles, and it consists of a smaller cone at the end of its handle. Candle snuffers can help people avoid several problems that may occur while burning hot wax.

Even nowadays, candles and extinguishers are quite common in many homes and churches. A candle is a sign of light, joy, divinity, love and passion as it creates a perfect mood and environment in all kinds of situations. They signify the holy light of the essence of truth.

People used to light candles in times of death in order to direct the light to the next world. Candles have a special place in many people’s lives as they represent messages of warmth, passion, security, romance, spirituality, mystery and hope.

Reasons to use Candle Snuffers

Candles are not very convenient for use as they need to be lit first, then their wax is vaporized while reducing the fuel supply. While burning, the wick of the candle can become too long, therefore it is known as a great fire hazard.

After using it, people put it out, due to which grimy smoke and mess are created in the environment. In order to avoid this unpleasant smoke, people have started using a bell candle snuffer, which is an elegant tool helpful in extinguishing burning candles.

Candles are quite less efficient than light bulbs, but people still love to purchase fragrance candles for their homes as they can willingly pay $20 for a beautiful jar full of wax. These candle snuffers are available in a variety of sizes and materials such as practical stainless steel, timeless brass, hardy cast iron and futuristic nitinol. These elements are always plated in gold or regal silver.

A good bell candle snuffer is used to reduce wax splatter and also helps candles last for a longer period by preserving their burning quality. While using the wick snuffer, you need to place the bell of the snuffer on the top of the candle flame. Try to avoid placing the bell snuffer in the wax.

These candle snuffers can add a touch of elegance to the décor of your home. They are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes in the market. With a large variety of candle snuffers available in the market, people often wonder which one is right for them. You can easily find a list of the best candle snuffers on various websites.

There are mainly two ways to extinguish the burning flame of the candle. You can eliminate the airflow, which helps in combustion, or you can directly eliminate the fuel source. However, a candle snuffer works on the principle of the first method as it directly cuts off the airflow in an efficient manner.


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