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Things to Make Sure After Cladding Removal

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With the time and increasing awareness of the combustible or flammable cladding due to the rising incidents of the fire, it became inevitable to ensure the safety of the people present in the building. Combustible Cladding Melbourne and recladding with a material that is not combustible has been the best alternative.

Here are the things that you must take into consideration upon the removal of the combustible cladding and installing the right cladding alternative in its place.


The removal and replacement of combustible cladding are subject to stringent rules across Australia. These include everything from replacement schedules to the transportation of deleted goods. Before starting a recladding project, all building owners should be aware of the regulations in place. As per the regulation in place by the jurisdiction, make sure that your recladding plan aligns perfectly with these regulations.

Disposal Of Cladding

The government has severe restrictions in place regarding the disposal of flammable cladding materials. It will be required to hire a construction professional with expertise and experience in these fields.

Only a few facilities have the necessary permits to accept flammable cladding debris. The records of these disposals will be kept for future reference. You must verify that you are aware of these constraints before beginning your project, as well as that your contracted builder follows them.


This is an important feature of recladding that every building owner should be aware of. The cost of recladding is determined by the amount of Cladding Replacement on a building’s façade, as well as the size and location of that building. The cost will be influenced by the recladding materials chosen. So make sure that all of it fits perfectly into the budget that you have for your cladding removal and recladding

Cladding Material

The choice of building material will be a significant component as building owners and owner’s corporations begin to plan their recladding. There are a number of long-lasting, visually beautiful, and resident-safe alternatives to combustible cladding replacement.

You can choose the material available with the recladding company that you choose based on your budget and reliability.

Combustible Cladding Melbourne

Getting It Done By A Reliable Company

It is indeed one of the important factors when it comes to getting the cladding that is durable and quality assured. As the cladding business is booming due to governmental insistence, you could find it hard to choose among the Combustible Cladding Melbourne and installation companies.

All you can do is take the help of the internet. To have a deep insight into the company’s online reputation. This would provide you with a shortlist of companies. Further considering the recommendations are a good way to get the cladding company. That is worth the investment you are willing to do.

Further, you can with the company based on various factors like the experience of the company. Skills of the experts, quality of the material, cost of removal and installation, equipment, flexibility, customization, convenience, and more.

The cladding removal and recladding would be right after you have taken all of these points into consideration.


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