Christmas decorations in 2020: What are this year’s trends?

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  • What were Christmas decorations like in the past?
  • Christmas decorations in 2020
  • TOP Christmas decorations in 2020
  • Christmas table decorations
  • What Christmas table decorations to use?
  • How to decorate a Christmas table?
  • Christmas decorations made of wood
  • The benefits of Christmas wood decorations
  • TOP Christmas decorations made of wood in 2020
  • Do-it-yourself Christmas decorations
  • Benefits of Do-It-Yourself Christmas Decorations
  • TOP Christmas decorations “Do it yourself” in 2020

The most beautiful holidays of the year are traditionally the time when all the homes are immersed in the bright colors of Christmas decorations. It will not be different during this year’s Christmas, for which the designers have again prepared the most beautiful accessories with various motifs and color variations.

Manufacturers of Christmas decorations bring several new products every year, which can boast an original and creative design. While some are examples of modern design art, others are marked by classics and traditional Christmas customs. Christmas decorations in 2020 offer a varied selection of elegant and practical accessories that will create the right festive atmosphere in any home.

What were Christmas decorations like in the past?

Holiday home decorations during Christmas are not a new trend in recent years. Christmas decorations have a long tradition dating back to the 18th century. Although using natural materials and fruits from domestic crops, e.g. nuts, people decorated their homes a little earlier, classic Christmas decorations came on the scene just in that period.


Nativity scenes were among the first Christmas decorations. They began to appear in dwellings in large numbers in the second half of the 18th century after their emperor Joseph II. banned in churches. The most popular were hand-carved wooden nativity scenes, which quickly became the center of attention of several artists. In poorer families, small cribs made of straw or paper appeared.

Christmas tree

There are several legends and stories behind the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree. While some mention the decoration of the Christmas tree as early as the 15th and 16th centuries, others date back to the middle of the 18th century, when the first Christmas trees in Germany were decorated only with nuts, honeysuckle or dried fruit. After a while, simple paper ornaments began to hang on them, which became the forerunners of Christmas decorations as we know them today.

Advent wreath

In Germany, it also has an inseparable symbol of the Advent season, which very quickly became part of Christmas decorations. The German theologian Johann Hinrich Wichern allegedly came with the first Advent wreath. He created it as a tool for children to recognize when Christmas is coming. The “invention” from the 19th century, typical for its 4 candles, immediately proved to be a practical Christmas decoration that is still used today.

Christmas decorations in 2020

Nativity scenes, Advent wreaths and Christmas trees as traditional symbols of the most beautiful holidays of the year are not missing in many households even today. However, the list of Christmas decorations is much wider nowadays. There is no shortage of news even this year, when the offer of Christmas decorations has significantly expanded again and has also adapted to the ever-growing demands for an increasingly practical and more environmentally friendly assortment.

The offer of Christmas decorations in 2020 is richer with new models of candlesticks, poinsettias and figures in the form of reindeer or angels. There are Christmas chains and window lights, as well as traditional Christmas flowers, such as a poinsettia. Many of them immediately became among the hottest trends, whether due to the selected type of decoration, its material or practical use.

TOP Christmas decorations in 2020

  • Practical Christmas table decorations.
  • Elegant ecological Christmas decoration made of wood.
  • “Do it yourself” Christmas decorations.

Christmas table decorations

At the Christmas Eve table, some of the most important moments of the whole holiday take place. Its decoration is thus an integral part of the annual Christmas. It is the Christmas table decorations that will ensure a real festive atmosphere. But for that, you need to choose decorations that will match together and at the same time fulfill a possible practical function.

What Christmas table decorations to use?

Place setting

It is the placemat that fulfills both a practical and aesthetic role. The basis of the whole place setting is a Christmas tablecloth. It should be made of quality material that will not be destroyed during cleaning. The tablecloth includes plates, cutlery and glasses. There are also Christmas napkins, which play an important aesthetic role, especially if they are composed by one of the decorative techniques.


The Christmas Eve table also includes candles, which do not have to have only a symbolic meaning. In many families, they are also used as a light source. In this case, one large candle placed in the middle of the table is recommended, which will provide enough light without interfering with the table. If you have enough space, you can also use scented candles with vanilla or cinnamon aroma.


Candlesticks are also an integral part of candles. For a large candle in the middle of the table, a tall, slender candlestick is recommended, which saves space and at the same time helps the candle to illuminate more space. Candlesticks can be made of different materials. The luxurious décor includes transparent crystal models. Multi-branch metal candlesticks are gradually returning to fashion. More creative people make their own candlesticks from vases or cups.

Tree decorations

Stars, figures of angels and Santa Claus or Christmas balls are just some of the decorations that, in addition to the Christmas tree, will also find a place on the Christmas Eve table. Any tree ornaments can be used. Just put them on a plate or in a vase and the original decoration is on the table.

Decorative confectionery

Vases and plates can also be decorated with Christmas sweets, either alone or in combination with Christmas tree decorations. The most traditional Christmas table decorations include lounges. Honeycombs or cinnamon are also a frequent addition, which also stir up the whole room.

How to decorate a Christmas table?

  • When decorating, combine decorations in a maximum of 2 to 3 colors, more colors are disturbing.
  • It is recommended to place the individual decorations symmetrically, thus avoiding chaos on the Christmas Eve table.
  • When placing decorations on the table, you should leave space for each person at least 70 centimeters.
  • If there are also small children behind the table, for safety reasons you can replace the classic candles with their LED imitations.

Christmas table decorations don’t have to be used only on the Christmas table. They are suitable for any table, or even for shelves or window sills.

Christmas decorations made of wood

The more emphasis is placed on the production of various products from more environmentally friendly materials, the more Christmas wood decorations come to the fore. Many of them are popular for their creative handicrafts. Others are used for high durability and natural appearance, whether in vintage style or modern design.

The benefits of Christmas wood decorations

  • They offer a variety of design options.
  • They can be used anywhere in the interior.
  • They evoke a feeling of peace and harmony.
  • They match accessories from other materials.
  • They are ecological and do not harm health at all.

TOP Christmas decorations made of wood in 2020

Hanging decorations

Christmas decorations made of wood, which can be hung on a window, cabinet or Christmas tree, are produced in dozens of designs. The year 2020 belongs to a more modern model in the shape of sleighs, reindeer or houses. Hanging wooden signs with Christmas headings are also popular.

Wooden pliers

Patterned wooden pliers also became one of the latest trends. Their purpose is either to attach to the Christmas tree, where they will serve as a separate decoration, or they will become an accessory for handmade decorations. They are made in all Christmas motifs.

Backlit wood models

Some wooden decorations can serve as part of the light decoration. Examples are table models of wooden houses with LED backlight. They are also produced as hanging, but in this case they are slightly smaller and dimmer.


One of the hottest trends among Christmas wood decorations is carousels. These are small game boxes in the shape of a carousel, mostly with horses, which stretch out and then play until the melody sounds.

Do-it-yourself Christmas decorations

Christmas trends this year were also dominated by hand-made decorations. They offer several options for designing custom Christmas decorations, in addition to the minimum, respectively. no costs.

Benefits of Do-It-Yourself Christmas Decorations

  • A wide range of materials suitable for the production of decorations.
  • Possibility to make decorations according to your own taste.
  • Originality and unique creative design of each decoration.
  • Unused items can be recycled in the production of decorations.

TOP Christmas decorations “Do it yourself” in 2020

  • Transparent candlesticks made of glass bottles decorated with needles.
  • Hand-embroidered figures with a typical Christmas theme.
  • Hand-decorated Christmas wreaths for windows or doors.
  • Wreaths for windows and doors made of colored Christmas balls.
  • Paper stars wrapped in colored thread or wool.
  • Vivid and color-painted cones sprinkled with glittering glitter.
  • Ikebana from coniferous twigs sprayed with metallic paints.

Christmas trends are changing at rocket speed. Many of the decorations that fly today may not be up to date next year. However, in the case of the above-mentioned Christmas table decorations, wooden Christmas decorations and hand-made Christmas decorations, it is assumed that they will continue to be on the course. During the next Christmas, you will take care of the Christmas decorations.

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