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Choosing the Right Concrete Driveway for Your New Home

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One of the most prominent features of your property is going to be the driveway. There are endless options for choosing driveways, many of which have pros and cons. Choosing the right driveway comes down to deciding what look you are going for and what style will match your house. In this article, we will break down a few options you have to choose from and why some are better than others.

Driveway Regulations

Before getting a star, we will review some guidelines and regulations. Every city and town has different regulations when it comes to driveways. Most of them are related to water runoff and road frontage.

Most times, the regulations also have something about the percentage of yard coverage for concrete driveways. Some allow up to 50%, while others are a little lower, around 40%. Many municipalities and townships also require some permitting process which can be much easier done through an experienced contractor than navigating it alone.

Many of these regulations can make fou on your township or municipality guidelines either on their website or at their office. It is very important to adhere to the rules. Regulations when it comes to installing your driveway, as once it is done, it takes a lot of work to take back or change.


Here is a breakdown of a few different finishes available for concrete driveways.

Broom Finish

This is a popular choice for homeowners and the most common Concrete Contractor

 driveway. It is created by brushing a broom over the Concrete while it is still wet and brushing it, giving it a smooth but somewhat textured finish to provide great traction when the driveway is wet or is on a steep grade.

Broom-finish Concrete is also popular around swimming pools as it is more slippery than smooth-finish Concrete when wet. Broom finishes are one of the most economical for your concrete driveway and will create a long-lasting, durable driveway.

 Smooth Finish Concrete

Smooth-finished Concrete comes with some pros and cons. One of the biggest pros is that it is a beautiful finish that adds character to your concrete features. But the con is that it is very slippery when wet, so most times. We recommend that you only use it as an accent around the edges of concrete seams to add an extra layer of character to your concrete Features. We also use smooth Concrete between the seams of the sections of the sidewalks that we install.

Salt Finish

The salt finish is a less common button and is very beautiful for the price tag. A salt finish adds rock salt to the surface of the Concrete while it is still wet. After the concrete cures, the salt dissolves, leaving small specs and tiny holes. That gives the Concrete a unique finish and adds a nice touch to features such as porches and driveways.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete has become very popular in the last few years as it is a deluxe and high-end-looking finish for your driveway. Stamp concrete comes in many patterns and colours and can be customised to whatever you please. You can get patterns ranging from cobblestone to custom designs and colours unique to your property. Stamped Concrete is very durable and very low maintenance. With stamp concrete, you do not have any scenes, so you will not have problems with weeds poking through the cracks. Although stamp concrete is by far the most expensive, it is also by far the most beautiful. The texture also gives extra traction for wet or steep driveways.


Colours there are many different options when it comes to colouring Concrete. Here is a list of the more common options.

Concrete Stains

Changing your Concrete from any colour other than the normal grey tone of natural concrete stain is always a great option. The concrete stain will colour the Concrete without sealing it, which helps the longevity. Also will not chip off like concrete paint. Many different colours and layers can achieve with concrete stains. The translucent finish adds a nice effect and depth.

 Concrete Paints

Concrete paints are paint formulas that specify a design to bond well with Concrete. Although we don’t recommend painting your Concrete Contractor driveway, it can be a great option for painting old concrete walls that have lost their lustre. We do not recommend painting concrete because it will seal off the concrete pores, which helps the Concrete to breathe and adjust to temperatures and humidity.

 Stamped Concrete Colors

Chen, it comes to stamped Concrete, there is an endless number of different colours to choose from. Stamp concrete colour before applying, so any colour can be achieved by mixing the proper dyes. Stamp concrete can also stain afterwards to add texture and create a rock. Cobblestone looks if you so, please.

This article will help you choose some more basic options for concrete driveways. We will release more articles explaining the pros and cons of different concrete mixes and formulas.


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