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Choosing the Correct UltraViolet Light Bulbs

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So, if any of you are unfamiliar, there are a TON of different light bulbs out there. The selection and diversity of light bulbs can only be determined as vast. There are so many different kinds of light bulbs, someone who isn’t familiar with the lighting industry may be overwhelmed by the thought. You may be exposed to a lot of different kinds of light bulbs or light fixtures on a daily basis and not know it.

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That being said, let’s break down some of the more interesting types of light bulbs out there. These light bulbs actually serve purposes other than lighting up a space. Did you know that there are certain types of light bulbs that actually can kill bacteria? We have definitely come a long way in terms of light bulbs since Edison’s invention of the incandescent light.

But, when speaking about these light bulbs that are used in other ways than illumination, there always needs to be a distinction between them so there is no confusion. We are talking about ultraviolet light bulbs. These light bulbs are very interesting because of the way they work, but they are often confused with other light bulbs such as black light bulbs or germicidal light bulbs. Let’s compare them.

The Difference Between UltraViolet, Black Light, and Germicidal Lights
UltraViolet light is broken up into three different categories. Those categories consist of UVA, UVB, and UVC lighting. While these lights stem from the same UV family, they are quite different in their properties. These three categories are determined by the level of power they hold. UVA has the lowest energy, UVB has a mid-range of power, and UVC has the highest level of energy.

But let’s go back for a bit. What exactly is UV light? Ultraviolet light can be found on the electromagnetic spectrum. This light is a form of radiation and is invisible to the human eye. We are exposed to UV rays on a daily basis due to the sun, which we can protect ourselves from using sunglasses and sunscreen. While the natural form from the sun can be damaging to our eyes and skin, once transformed into a light bulb, they can be used for good!

Now that we know the background of what UV light is, let’s see the difference between each type of bulb that you can get that features UltraViolet light.

Types of UltraViolet Light Bulbs

Blacklight Blue Bulbs
These bulbs are a mixture of visible light and UVA light, making the light emit a bluish purple color that we are all so familiar with when it comes to blacklights. You can find these bulbs used at clubs or parties to create a different ambiance but they also serve a more meaningful purpose. Banks often use these lights to detect fraudulent money and can also be used to find any unnoticeable stains for cleaning purposes.

Germicidal Bulbs
These bulbs carry the shortest wavelengths which gives them the most power. These UVC lamps should be utilized in industrial environments, as they can be used to sanitize and disinfect surfaces and certain equipment. You must be careful since direct exposure to this light can be damaging. Allow a professional to install these lights if needed.

Blacklight Bulbs
These are considered UVA lights, so they are low energy. You typically can find these bulbs in tanning beds to darken the skin, in certain bug zappers, and can be used to bond molecules together.

UV light bulbs are highly versatile and very useful for many different things. To get your hands on some, visit atlantalightbulbs.com today.

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