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Choosing the Best Pool Tables for your Home

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You may have decided to add pool tables in your home for recreational sports. If this is the case, know that this will be a big investment, so you have to choose well. Overall, the process of selecting and buying the right table can be exciting, but you should not rely on impulse to get what you want.

It’s best to get something that your spouse or guests will be interest in playing as well as equipment that will last for years. You might be a leisure player who wants to hang out with your friends, or you might be someone wanting to be an expert for the major leagues. Regardless of the reason why you’re buying the table in the first place, it’s best to consider various factors that can help you over the long run.

Start with the style and size as they are two of the very important factors. You can choose red pool tables that come with their own accessories and designs that will suit your tastes. It might be a bit overwhelming at first, but here’s some information to give you more clarity on what you’re actually looking for.

Types of Tables to Know About

The tabletop is one of the more important factors in the pool, and this is the foundation of the entire game where the experts can unleash their magic when playing. Choose the suitable material that will fit your budget and purpose of play.

Informed purchases from wise buyers will mean that they already know what they want from the start. They have researched a lot of information from the internet, and they are ready to pay the value that they expect to have with the pool tables. Cheaper alternatives are great for people who want entertainment and a magnificent centerpiece in their homes. However, the veteran ones may thoroughly check the materials before they decide to buy that particular equipment.

Synthetic Slates to Know

MDF or Particle Boards – These are fiberboards that have medium densities. You may find them to be able to serve their original purpose, but they may be prone to warping after a few years. The process of condensation can affect the boards as well as sudden changes in temperature. Get more info about MDFs on this page here.

These boards may often be used in low-quality tables that are generally built for accessibility. However, they can also be use in high-quality ones that prioritize the slate’s longevity. The slate cabinets should have more weight but with a lighter footprint in general.

Honeycombs – These are surfaces of hardened plastics that were compress into layers. One of the major flaws in this design is that although there’s no warping involved, you may find the surface to be rough when you play. This is rougher compare to other synthetics, and they are lighter. They are usually built with the economy in mind but can become unstable over time.

Slatron – Slatron is another name for Permaslate, which is a layer of hardened and condensed plastic that covers particleboard. This is a good option and the most expensive out of the three but a durable buy. This is a compromise if you’re looking for quality but know that this is not something you’re going to use for a “lifetime.”


Slates are consider industry standards, and it belongs to the higher tier. The surface is one of the highest qualities that exist, and it can be more expensive when compared to other options. However, you can get considerable pay-offs with slate since it can withstand pressure.

It’s not prone to warping or cracking, and the top of the table is usually smooth. One of the most regarded premium materials available in the Italian slate, but the Brazilian varieties may be catching up with quality.

A slate is a heavy rock that splits into flat and wide pieces. This is excellent material to consider if you want a very level playing field. It’s available in various sizes like 1”, 7/8”, and ¾,” and thicker ones tend to be more expensive.

The stone is too large to be transport , so it’s usually separate into various pieces to make it more affordable and feasible for relocation. The three-piece, diamond-honed slates are register and matched together, so the people who are transporting them know that they came from the same slab.

Construction of the Slate

Table cabinets are rectangular in shape and are made up of larger frames of wood. The expensive ones are made up of thick hardwood and planks. It’s best to know the joining techniques of the pool tables that you’re planning to buy because this factor can affect the equipment’s stability. The materials and designs may vary, but they may be make up of two cross beams supporting a slate and a center beam. Depending on the size, there may be several legs present or a pedestal located at the center to hold up the weight of the stone.


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