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Choosing Ecommerce Fulfillment Services Providers – Top Factors to Consider

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In the present business environment, where most of the purchases are conducted online, the significance of ecommerce fulfillment services can never be overemphasized. Such kinds of services include customer order receipt, order filling out and dispatching and more. Here are some of the top factors for you to consider, before choosing ecommerce fulfillment services providers.

Nature of the product

This is one of the first factors that must be consider. You have to think whether you have a perishable, durable, fragile or heavy product. In case you are in the business of selling heavy machinery equipment, it would make little sense for you to have your fulfillment service outsourced to an agency that is an expert in paper bags and magazine distribution. Although such an agency can accept your service order, it is going to charge more for the order fulfillment.


It is another vital factor. In this case, the location could mean various things – such as the service provider’s location, the location of your customer and that of your office as well. If a company that manufactures in the US has more than 80% of its product orders coming from India, its ecommerce fulfillment  specialist and warehousing service provider should be located ideally in India.

Size of your business

Your business size is also going to determine what order size should be order to use. A small order fulfillment is better for a start-up online business, as this can mean a better interpersonal relationship and better customer satisfaction and feedback for your business.

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The author is a professional writer, currently writing on digital warehousing and smart logistic solutions.


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