CHOOSE THE BEST SCRAP CAR RECYCLER IN IPSWICH, Metal Biz is the pioneer in cash for cars services. People will vouch for their services themselves. They do not care about the kind of model you have or the condition your car is in. they accept all of them. Additionally, they have a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals who will assist you with any kind of questions you may have.

With them selling a car is a piece of cake. The whole process is effortless and straightforward, so their clients do not have to worry about too much. All their potential clients have to do is follow these simple three steps:

  1. Get in touch: the first step is to call them on the numbers given on their website or fill an online quote form. Then, the customer representatives will ask you a few questions about the vehicle you intend on selling. For example, its make, brand, model, mileage, year etc., based on this data, they will offer you a free quote ranging from $500 to $9,887 or even more depending on the details of your car.
  • Schedule pick up: the free quote offered at Metal Biz comes with no obligations. However, if you choose to accept it, the team will ask you your preferred time, date and location for car pick up.
  • Get your promised deal: Metal Biz’s team will arrive at the scheduled time and date. They will tow away your car for free. With this, they will also pay you top cash for your scrap car. So there is no irritation of getting the cheque to the bank and waiting for it to be cleared.


 Yes, that is correct. At Metal Biz, you do not have to worry about getting your car fixed; they accept cars in all conditions. Additionally, you can own any type of vehicle; they will be there to your rescue. For example, they buy cars, SUVs, Utes, 4WDs, trucks, jeeps, and even vans. If your vehicle is made of metal, they will take of it.

Additionally, now, you do not have to fret about the brand of your car as well. Even if it has low resale value, Metal Biz is will always be there for you. Here are a few names of the brands they deal with:



There are countless benefits of selling to Metal Biz cash for cars Ipswich. Here, your scrap car is recycled to reduce the carbon footprint on the earth. This saves your car from ending up in a landfill and makes sure you get your money back.

Instead of selling to other private sellers, the process here at Metal Biz is relatively more straightforward. It is much quicker and comes with no hidden or additional charges. Meanwhile, with others selling a scrap car can become a tiresome hassle.

The friendly services and quick response makes Metal Biz famous amongst its customers. As a result, people prefer cash for cars Ipswich at Metal Biz instead of anywhere else. So you can sell your scrap car to Metal Biz without thinking twice. For more information, call or visit Metal Biz’s website.

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