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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Student Accommodation in Edinburgh

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Student Accommodation Edinburgh: The city of Edinburgh (United Kingdom) is known for its rich history and cultural past that spans centuries. Located between the lovely rolling hills and quaint cobblestone roads, the city has an undeniable charm that is further added by the iconic Edinburgh Castle (United Kingdom) and Iona Street Edinburgh perched atop Castle Rock and Royal Mile located at the city center.

These historic sites are sure to grab your attention and inspire your imagination.

When it comes to studying and living in Edinburgh (United Kingdom), you will find a wide range of student housing options in Edinburgh (United Kingdom) which can be customized to your preferences and needs.

Here, you will find different types of student housing facilities including private, independent living space in a flat or studio to a vibrant, welcoming community precisely created for students.

However, before making your accommodation choice, you should consider every aspect that could help you choose the best Student Accommodation in Edinburgh.

However, with the availability of immense information regarding student housing online, selecting the perfect one can be challenging and complex. To help you make an informed housing choice, we have listed a few factors that you need to consider while looking for and selecting the best student accommodation in Edinburgh (UK) city. 

Student Accommodation Edinburgh: Budget

For a student, it becomes quite difficult to make ends meet as they are on a tight budget and can’t take up a full-time job to earn enough money. This is why it is better for you to create a budget in which you should consider your monthly expenses including house rent, food expenses, entertainment, and other utility bills.

Prepare a monthly budget and plan the expenses with the money you have. Consider the amount that you can afford to spend on house rent. Once you have decided on a budget for the house rent, you can start looking for Student Apartments in Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

When comparing the costs of different lodging options, students frequently forget to account for the cost of utilities. While private rentals may appear more affordable than dorms or homestays, you must take into consideration the extra expenses related to the previously stated utilities.


A key consideration when choosing your student residence is location. Depending on where you live, your university experience may change significantly.

All the student areas in Edinburgh have their own unique qualities and charms. If you want to be close to everything then you can choose to live in the areas like Old Town and New Town. These areas are centrally located and will give you access to major university campuses and to several shops, cafes, and cultural events.

If you want a quiet and calm area then Marchmont or Morningside would be the best areas to reside. Known for their peaceful surroundings, tranquil environment, and proximity to green spaces, these neighborhoods are best for studying and relaxation.

If you love art, architecture, and history, you should opt for the area around the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom) main campus. This area is built with stunning buildings and cobblestone streets creating a unique atmosphere. 

You can choose the location based on your personal preferences and priorities. However, remember to consider things like proximity to campus, transportation links, and the local amenities available in the area.

Facilities and amenities

Different Student Housing Edinburgh (United Kingdom) features different amenities and services. You can pick the accommodation according to your needs.

However, before you pick any housing facility check whether it has all the facilities that would fulfill your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. You can opt for both furnished and unfurnished housing based on your needs and preferences.

Check whether your student accommodation provides Wi-Fi connection, bike storage, gym, and laundry facilities or not. Also check whether it gives easy access to local amenities like cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.  

Student Accommodation Edinburgh: Security and safety

Your security is one of the most crucial things that you need to consider while looking for accommodation in Edinburgh (UK). Check whether your student housing community has all the required security elements like well-lit common areas, secure entry systems, controlled access to the Student Rooms Edinburgh, and CCTV surveillance.

You should always opt for housing that offers 24-hour emergency support or on-site staff to address any safety issues right away.

Evaluations and suggestions

Make sure you read up on the accommodations online and get referrals from previous or current tenants before making a decision. Evaluating the accommodation and the management’s reaction to resident complaints can be greatly aided by reading reviews and hearing about firsthand experiences.

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