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Chiropractors: The Basics Of Chiropractic in Calgary

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The goal of chiropractic care is to aid the human body’s innate intelligence, which seeks balance, or homeostasis, among systems in the body. You will receive chiropractic care from a chiropractor in SW Calgary.
Innate intelligence is an internal guiding force in humans that works to sustain health, attack disease, and restore the body from the effects of trauma. The human body is a dynamic self-regulator. It seeks to maintain “homeostasis,” a state of balance among all the systems needed for the body to function correctly. Homeostasis is one of the fundamental characteristics of all living things, and your chiropractor in SW Calgary aims to help you achieve this.
When your body is in balance, your processes work in unison. When we suffer an injury or become infected, the body automatically repairs or attacks the infection. All of our functions are set up to work together to regain balance once dysregulation occurs.
The nervous system is critical in regulating the body, so it must function fully. It is the role of your chiropractor in SW Calgary to identify and remove the barriers to nerve function balance. This promotes homeostasis.
Proper structure is necessary for proper function, which is the goal of working with your chiropractor in SW Calgary.
For systems to function well, they need to be structurally sound. For example, when our neck muscles tighten, we can’t fully turn our heads. This principle of structure and function applies to all body structures, from its systems to tissues and even individual cells.
The nervous system is the primary regulator of bodily functions and is key to maintaining homeostasis. Normal nerve function results in normal activity and healthy organs. However, nerves in and along the spine are subject to various irritations. Either through injury, illness, or the stresses of daily living. When the vertebral segments become injure, fixat, or misaligne, soft tissues become irritate, adjacent muscles often tighten, nerves can be irritate, and their function is impaire. This is called an “intervertebral subluxation.”

Your best chiropractor in SW Calgary will use spinal assessment and adjustment to reduce the subluxation and thus alleviate irritation of the nerves. Because the spine is such a complex structure, adjustments often involve multiple levels of the spine and even the extremities.


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