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Chimney Cleaning – A Quality Service That Is Needed More Than Ever

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A chimney cleaner is someone who removes soot and ash from chimneys. The basic function of a chimney is to provide a means for a fuel source to

 be burned so that heat or air can be created to heat the home. The chimney draws air over the open coals or fire pit creating a draft which then forces warm air into the house. A chimney also contains many small changes of direction depending on the configuration of the chimney. These movements affect how the smoke and/or soot flow through the chimney and thus the risk of an accident occurring.

Chimney Cleaning and Maintenance

In general chimney cleaning and maintenance should take place at least once every year, although it is recommended to have your chimney cleaned and inspected more often. If you are one of those people who think you don’t need to bother, then you could be in for some surprises! Chimney inspections are carried out as a safety measure to prevent serious problems occurring due to improper cleaning. As well as these inspections can prevent soot and creosote build up which will cause the soot and creosote to enter your breathing space. Chimney cleaning can be carried out manually as well as using technology specialist equipment.

Most chimney sweeps operate by using the same principle of brushes working on the same principle, but the equipment used can vary greatly. In the past a brush with a rotating head would be attached to the top of the chimney to help move the creosote and soot around. Today these brushes have electronic brakes and other safety measures incorporated into them so they are less likely to damage your home. The main difference between the modern broom and the traditional brush is that the sweep has a rotating helical brush on one end and a sliding one on the other. The bottom of the brush is wider to assist in moving the flue further away from the house.

A regular chimney sweeping procedure is not just to clean the chimney, but also to remove any soot and creosote you may have built up. It is advised to ensure you have a professional chimney cleaner to carry out a routine maintenance inspection at least once a year. This will help ensure your heating and cooling system are functioning efficiently and safely. If you have a professional clean your chimney each time he visits then you can be guaranteed to get a better performance from it than if you had allowed it to deteriorate over time.

There are many companies that specialise in chimney cleaning, including sweeps and specialist equipment. However, it is best to find a company who specialise in the type of fireplace you have (i.e. electric, wood or gas). Some of the best deals are available online where you can compare the prices offered by different companies side by side. It is also worthwhile checking online testimonials of companies that already use their sweepers to provide customers with excellent customer service.

These days chimney sweeps carry out a wide range of other cleaning and repair work too. For example they can often fix cracks in brickwork (particularly old brickwork) and can also provide external cleaning and restoration services for slate roofs, brick walls, stone walls and concrete walls. The most important things when you need chimney sweeping services are to choose one that offers a comprehensive warranty on parts and labour and a guarantee on the day of completion. A good company will do all this as part of a standard procedure.


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