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Chihuahua Puppy Care

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Chihuahua is a city in northern Mexico known for its tiny and short-haired dogs; these chihuahua puppies are difficult to own as they are difficult to train at home. They are quite small and fragile in nature. Grooming Chihuahua puppies can be quite challenging if you don’t learn how to groom them before bringing them home.

Prepare before bringing your puppy home

If you are unable to look after your Chihuahua puppy, it is very important to leave the puppy in a crate or exercise pen. You should also have a pack of old newspapers and a litter tray / potty pads to help your dog relax. You must understand that training a Chihuahua at home is a messy business. You should also buy accessories such as a leash, collar, food bowl, water bowl, chew toys, and a book on how to cure a Chihuahua. The most important thing is to protect your pet puppy by not exposing him to electrical objects.

Chihuahua puppy home training

Young puppies are like babies and are often disposed of without prior warning. They can’t hold it back. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly look after the Chihuahua puppy and make sure that he does not wander around the house alone. They should be kept in an exercise box or paddock to keep them from wandering.

If you let your Chihuahua puppy get into an accident, it will be difficult for you to house it. The greater the number of accidents, the more difficult it is. Chihuahua puppies have a desire to get rid of them after full sleep, after eating, or after playing. You can tell that your Chihuahua puppy wants to use the toilet when he walks in circles and sniffs the ground; If you notice this behavior, immediately move it to the litter box, another sign of this is when you find your puppy squatting.

Chihuahua should not be punished if the puppy goes to the toilet in the wrong place; your job is to keep an eye on him. In case you cannot look after him, you must place him in his pen with food and other accessories such as a bed and a pot; food and bed should be on one side and toilet box / potty on the other side. Chihuahua puppies refrain from excluding where they eat and sleep, and therefore whenever they want to get rid of, they go to the litter box. Every time your puppy goes to the bathroom in the right place, you must.

Chihuahua puppy feeding

Chihuahuas have a higher metabolism than most chihuahua mix puppies, so it’s important to only feed them premium food. Don’t worry too much about food costs because the amount of food consumed by this dog breed is very small. To prevent hypoglycemia, in which blood glucose tends to decrease, young puppies need a constant supply of dry food; however, when they become adults, you only need to feed them twice a day. The puppy must have enough water to drink, but the water bowl must be stable enough not to be knocked over, but small enough so that the puppy cannot fall. Many human foods contain toxic and hazardous substances for puppies and therefore, you should refrain from feeding your Chihuahua human food. You must have Nutri-cal (high-calorie nutritional supplement) at home to prevent hypoglycemia. From the above, it can be understood that breeding Chihuahua puppies is not an easy task. If your schedule requires you to be away from your Chihuahua for a long time, it is recommended that you do not choose this breed of dog as a pet. Keeping an eye on your Chihuahua is very important to prevent health problems or other problems. If you like small dogs and have the patience and time to care for a Chihuahua puppy, then puppy can be your pet.


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