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Chic Art Galleries in Singapore

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When it comes to museums and art galleries, more often than not. It is the National Museum and other top art galleries that make it to the headlines. Regardless, we tend to miss the smaller but no less important gems that besot our landscape. 

Smaller, offbeat art galleries host some of the upcoming talents. And visiting one of these gives us a feel of the artistic direction of the upcoming artists. We might even find a hidden Van Gogh, just waiting to sprout his or her wings in there too. 

The big galleries have all the classics, but the smaller galleries are the ones more up-to-date. With the times and contain the contemporary art of the century. You never know, you might find that these smaller artists are the ones with more refined tastes. One of them could even be your new favorite. 

Head on out to these smaller alternative Art Gallery Singapore, and get a vibe in the contemporary Art Exhibition Singapore.   

Contemporary Art Exhibition Singapore museums 

The museums on the smaller side may not have classic artworks like their bigger cousins. But they do host some of the latest and hottest artists in the scene. These museums are more open to daring and new forms of art, making them the perfect place for artists and art lovers to get a vibe of the scene. 

Red Dot Design Museum 

The Red Dot Design Museum is one of the most famous smaller museums in Singapore. Known for its sci-fi design, the museum has carved a name for itself through its showcase of the latest prototypes and art ideas. Most of the designs and artwork here are created by the winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Product Awards.


The Deck is called so since it is not just a museum, it is also ‘decked’ out (get the pun?) with a library, a café, and two studios. It is an independent art space with a unique design to carry its name forward, and it has hosted multiple world-famous events in its space, including the Singapore International Photography Festival. 

The top museums are beautiful in their own right, but they act more to preserve the artwork of the ancient greats. Smaller museums allow upcoming artists with the potential to display their artwork and earn patrons, fame, and some money. These artists could be the next Van Gogh or Michelangelo, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they get the opportunity to showcase their talent. Head on down to these art galleries, and get a feel of the artistic scene in Singapore.


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