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Why Chelsea football club fans are angry with Premier League football announcement ahead of Brentford clash

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Chelsea football club fans have been trusting that the worldwide break will be over to return to club football.

Just to get the feared news that Anthony Taylor would be the man in the center for the impending conflict against Brentford.

The Blues make a trip across west London to confront a harsh test against the in-structure Bees, who have effectively taken focuses off Arsenal and Liverpool at home this season alongside away successes over Wolves and West Ham.

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It comes only seven weeks after Chelsea fans began an appeal to get Taylor prohibited from refereeing their matches after the authority shipped off Reece James and granted Liverpool a punishment during their conflict at Anfield.

Chelsea figured out how to clutch an away point in front of the last worldwide break however it left a harsh desire for Taylor once more being encircled by contention.

The reality he headed toward the VAR screen to go gander at the choice means I thought he will survey the occurrence and have a couple of moments to consider it.

It seemed like he was hearing what the VAR group had been saying to him as he hurried to the screen and right now decided before he halted and searched briefly and left.

He halted similarly as the answer halted ready hitting James’ arm and not the ricocheting off his leg into his arm and for that he chose it hit his arm and shipping off.

I don’t think this was the most exceedingly awful choice he’s made for us yet that is the issue.

We have a long history of these choices he’s made that is made fans question is Taylor reasonable in his dynamic in Chelsea football club matches.

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The reality he just required another glance at the VAR screen disappointed me more than the choice. He should of just let the VAR group choose the choice for him.

Back in 2014, Taylor booked Cesc Fabregas for jumping when the honor of punishment ought to have been given.

He later apologized for the error yet the statement of regret hasn’t committed his errors to go away.

Taylor waved away what resembled a reasonable punishment when Cesc Fabregas in the wake of going down under Matt Targett’s test, just to get an alert for jumping. Chelsea proceeded to draw the match 1-1.

In December 2019, With Chelsea driving 1-0 graciousness of Willian, Tottenham goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga dashed out to clear out Marcos Alonso with a flying kick.

He gave his considerations while watching the activity unfurl. That was a punishment. Gazzaniga misses the ball and simply clacks into Alonso it looked like to me.

There was a foul given against Alonso, I don’t have a clue how that can be.

They’re having a decent gander at it. It is silly, it’s an attack. I was never in question; it was a punishment. It was wild from the goalkeeper. Neville said.

The choice appropriately got changed to Chelsea and I’m cheerful we got an unmistakable blunder toppled.

May 2017, Alexis Sanchez scored a profoundly dubious objective to give Arsenal an early lead over Chelsea in the FA Cup last at Wembley.

Taylor disregards a reasonable handball which gives Arsenal an early lead in the fourth moment. It wasn’t only the mix-up that disappointed it was the reality.

The objective was at first precluded by the linesman with Aaron Ramsey considered to be offside, yet the official switched the call and missed a handball in the development.

He likewise sent Victor Moses off briefly yellow when he chose, he made a plunge the crate and sent us down to ten men.

February 2020, Harry Maguire who months before pulled off sticking onto Cesar Azpilicueta nearby once more pulled off an unmistakable foul.

Michy Batshuayi tussled for the ball as Maguire tumbled to the floor. To know more about Chelsea Football Tickets click here.

Maguire unmistakably then pushes his leg out towards Batshuayi private region.

VAR in play never considered this a foul and neither refereed for the afternoon, Taylor.

Roy Keane said after the match Maguire was an exceptionally fortunate kid, I believe it’s a red card the contention is the consistency.

Maguire did a meeting after guaranteeing his guiltlessness saying ‘he planned to fall on me and my normal response was to fix my leg to attempt to hold him up.

I surmise this gives you the motivation to kick your advantages and point your studs at a falling man?

August 2020, after previously committing an immense error in a FA Cup last and as of now refereed a FA Cup Final Taylor got the gig again under lockdown conditions.

Chelsea football club lost to Arsenal following extremely brutal shipping off for Mateo Kovacic.

Kovacic currently on a yellow card went in for an ordinary 50/50 test with Granit Xhaka. No high foot, no studs appearing.

The most noticeably awful of it is that he is the one stepped on, he gets a toe ready and is shown the red card.

It came after Arsenal goalkeeper for the game Emiliano Martinez handle the ball outside his space yet that additionally went unpunished.

In games, Taylor directed Chelsea starting around 2019-20 they have played nine, won three, drawn two, and lost four.

Chelsea football club has the least successful pace of any club under Taylor refereeing, winning only 19 out of the 39 games he has refereed for them.

I’m not saying Taylor is the principal reason we lost every one of them coordinates however the confirmation of the terrible choices list continues to get longer and I dread we will have one more to include to this rundown Saturday.

The arrangement of Taylor for Saturday’s down at Brentford has prompted outrage from Chelsea fans, who accept their odds of winning have seriously dunked now he is in control.

Do they have a case? I suspect as much and this is me simply discounting things at the highest point of my head. I’m certain he has more past botches that have passed on inquiries to be posed.

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