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Check Out These 7 SEO Strategies For LinkedIn in 2021!

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LinkedIn is one among the top five sites regularly indexed by Google with the other four being – YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Regarded as one of the largest online professional networks, LinkedIn enjoys a healthy audience base, though not as vast as your social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Still, there’s so much to explore on LinkedIn and apply the awesome SEO strategies to your page to enhance its visibility across the platform and ensure that your page(s) appears in the top search results, create leads, and lead to conversions. All this will also assist in intensifying your brand awareness and ease communication with your audience, other like-minded professionals from your industry, and even foreign clients. If all this lures you, check out 2021’s top-ranked SEO strategies for LinkedIn. 

Top 7 LinkedIn SEO Tips

Make your profile keyword-rich!

Yes, creating a keyword-rich profile is the first and foremost step in this direction. If you’ve been into digital marketing for some time now, you’d know how beneficial are the keywords to your brand and the same importance they have for all your business pages across all the platforms, including LinkedIn. 

For instance, if you’re into digital marketing, it’s wise to include phrases like “Digital Marketing” or “Digital Marketing Expert” in your job title. 

The same goes for your business or company’s page/profile. For example, check how RankHawn LinkedIn page’s “About Us” incorporates their keyword “SEO company in Bangalore” and it’s one of the factors behind their rapport on the platform. 

LinkedIn Bio

By including your target keywords in your job title and About Us, people searching for the services you offer will be more likely to find you in their search results. Depending upon the various other sections (especially, “Experience”) of your LinkedIn page, wisely use the keywords and avoid keyword stuffing. 

In a nutshell, the standard SEO keyword principles apply to your LinkedIn profile too. 

Backlinks are the king!

To give a much-needed boost to your LinkedIn profile page, create high-quality and high-performing backlinks. 

There is an ample number of ways to attain backlinks like guest posting/blogging, etc. When you’re just starting up, you can link to your profile page from your own website/blog. If your website/blog has an authoritative domain authority (DA), the results would be astonishing! 

In short, high-quality and high-performing backlinks will:

  • Increase your views, endorsements, and activity.
  • Increase your LinkedIn profile score which depends upon the views and interactions your profile gets. 
  • Pull your LinkedIn profile higher in the results. 


Stats show that the more active you stay on LinkedIn, the better it gets for your profile page to attain higher rankings in the search results. For this, content marketing is your SEO tool. Draft informative content pieces pertaining to your niche and post them regularly. 

Simply head to the “Start a post” section and the whole arena is yours now. 

SEO Strategies

If you’d like to publish any long-form of content, say an article, you have that option too. For this, simply select the “Write an article” option and start!

Pro tip: Since LinkedIn has a high domain authority, post some great content on the platform and link to it from your blog. 

Here are some content ideas the audience surfing on LinkedIn feels the most connected to. 

  • Case studies,
  • Latest industry news/research,
  • Listicles,
  • How-to guides,
  • Quick tips,
  • Videos, etc.

Don’t leave your profile incomplete

Creating a LinkedIn profile and completing it are two different things. This is because LinkedIn is one such platform where your profile page is of utmost importance in your rankings and success. Hence, it’s not recommended to overlook any section of your profile. Be it your work history, education, certifications, secured endorsements, and recommendations too. This may seem like the most boring strategy on this SEO for LinkedIn guide, but it’ll surely pay you in the long run. 

Participate in as many (relevant!) groups as possible

On LinkedIn, there will be millions of groups relevant to your business or niche. While some of them may be there for a long time, others may just be gearing up. No matter to which category you belong, participate in as many relevant groups as possible.

SEO Strategies

Networking with groups and their like-minded people, you’ll get a golden opportunity to boost your brand image. You can likewise share your thoughts in the form of various content forms like the articles from your blog in the groups. This will also help LinkedIn traffic reach your blog. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for you. 

Expand your connections!

Every social network platform has its distinguished terminology or the term(s) very profoundly used over there. On LinkedIn, one of the terms is “Connections”. 

Since LinkedIn has its search engine, it uses these “connections” as one of the key ranking signals for a person/business. In brief, the more the connections, the higher the rankings!

Based on the type of connections a person has on their platform, LinkedIn categorizes the individual into 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level connections. Refer here to know more about this. 

LinkedIn Profile

As per LinkedIn, people in either the 2nd/3rd group are good to have in your connections. 

Focus on hashtags!

SEO Strategies for LinkedIn

#Hashtags are a good way for your content to get found by the masses even if they aren’t following you on LinkedIn. 

For example, if a hashtag #bestSEOcourse is ranking on LinkedIn and you’ve used it somewhere in your content too, the user searching out this hashtag is likely to find your content too. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know which hashtags people are searching for. Every time you’ll create a post on LinkedIn, the platform will suggest the related keywords people are searching for! 

The final takeaway For SEO Strategies for Linkedin!

Just like other social networking platforms, you’d leverage the benefits of LinkedIn as a marketer. By ranking higher on LinkedIn, you can enhance your brand awareness and bring traffic to your website to further increase its DA. To achieve all the above, you’d need to optimize your profile and the 7 tips I provided today are targeted towards that only! So, do try these tips and let the wonders happen. 


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