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Check out the 5 coolest Modern Hair Trends that are worth trying

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Having a good hair day is what makes you feel happy and confident. Similarly, feeling insecure about your hair can make you feel the opposite.

People nowadays, following the latest trends, perform various experiments on their hair, and surprisingly, some of them look good. Here are some of the latest trends being followed around the world.

  1. Colored Highlights: you might have come across some teens who get a strand or two of their hair color into the most vibrant colors. This highlights not only their hair but also their heads in a crowd. Blonde, charcoal gray, dark shades of red and neon colors are on the table these days. People even color all of their hair in a monotonous gradient or a different set of colors. Came across anyone who got rainbow-themed hair color yet? It is mesmerizing!
  2. Hair Piercing: Gone the day where you could only think about getting your nose or ears pierced. Today, you can get the various body parts and your hair piercings that make you fit in this modern world and feel cool among your peers. This can be done at the root or the scalp itself, or the ends of your hair trends. You can start with seashells, buttons, or charms that are light in weight and a real catch to the eye.
  3. Tattoos on the scalp: who would have thought that tattoos are just for the skin. Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles offers you to get your HeadHead tattooed. If you are one of the people suffering from hair loss, accidental scars, or genetic baldness, here is your knight in shining armor. You can get the bald patch art and crafted in such a manner that can make you feel good about yourself.
  4. Shaving head: believe it or not, shaving is considered a trend. You can get the sides of your head shaved and let the hair on the top be styled, and boom, you have got yourself a cool look. In addition to that, I have seen people with some crazy ideas that they get their heads shaved in the form of a picture or even a logo!
  5. Braiding the hair: this is one of the classics that never go out of trend. It is one of how you can get your hair styled. People with heavy hair volume get all of their hair braided into numerous braids and decorate the ends with piercings. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans would have seen Monica doing the same. I found that cute!

In the end, it is all about you being comfortable in your skin and feeling good about yourself. Today, you have reached the time and space where you can turn any of your flaws into something beautiful and admirable. You reach a level of boldness when you fit in the advanced time. Just ensure that the mentioned trends are safe and secure for you, and you can go ahead and give it a shot.


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