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Chardham Temples: A symbol of India’s spiritual Heritage

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The north Indian state, known as Uttarakhand and also called Devbhoomi – which means Land of Gods in Sanskrit, witnesses an outpouring of Hindu faith in its Chardham Yatra pilgrimage sites. These unique temples are the main attractions for visitors throughout the year. Out of all, the Chardham symbolizes four religious and auspicious abodes. 

The Chardham Temples consist of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Badrinath, and Kedarnath. It has become a major sacred religious place among the Hindu people. It’s said that everyone must do the Yatra once in their lives. Only this will they get rid of sins and achieve Moksha. The Yatra has a short season, spanning six months from April to October/November. People tend to do the Yatra, starting from Yamunotri and ending in Badrinath.

First, we shall read about the significance of each shrine of the Chardham Yatra. Then, we will explore the Chardham Yatra registration and discuss how to reach there.

Chardham Temples – Yamunotri Dham

Yamunotri is the first Chardham Yatra place where the revered river Yamuna emerges. The shrine is at an altitude of 3290 meters and is topped by a silver deity Yamuna idol. Most people start their Chardham Yatra from Yamunotri. Mythology says bathing in the holy water of Yamuna refines all sins and saves you from unpleasant death.

Those who love nature will be amazed by the thermal springs and glaciers here. You have to trek towards Goddess Yamuna from Janki Chatti. Just like other Chardham shrines, this place has a lot of significance.

Chardham Temples – Gangotri Dham

The temple of Gangotri is built near the Bhagirathi River and the sacred Ganges River, the base of the Yatra pilgrimage. There is a lot of natural wonder and an array of adrenaline-lifting activities. One cannot visit the temple in the winter due to extreme cold and snowfall here. The best thing here is the unmatched, mesmerising, and calm natural aura. 

It is said that Bhagirath brought the river to Earth and started meditation at the Gangotri shrine. At a height of 4460 meters, it is also the perfect place for adventure lovers. You can also experience the Gomukh, the place where the Ganga originates. It is among the most sought-after Chardham Yatra places on the tour.

Chardham Temples – Kedarnath Dham

Kedarnath is another one of the Chardham Temples. It is a mythological site where the snow-covered mountains and peaks can be seen around. The temple is associated with Lord Shiva and is among the 12 Jyotirlingas. This shrine begins at Gauri Kund, which stands at an elevation of 3,579 meters above the sea. Lord Shiva’s idol is taken to Omkareshwar from November to February during winter.

The Pandavas were followers of Shiva, and they sought his blessings to ease off their sins, which they had made by killing their Kaurava foes. Nevertheless, Shivji went away, taking the shape of a buffalo. When they came closer, Shiva disappeared into the ground and left his hump behind. Pilgrims worship the place where the hump was the Kedarnath Temple. You can feel spirituality and calmness here.

Chardham Temples – Badrinath Dham

Not just one of the important Chardham Yatra places alone, Badrinath Temples is one of the holiest all over India. There is an idol of Lord Badrinarayan meditating at the temple. During winter, the idol is brought to Vasu Dev temple, and pilgrims also visit the Mata Murti temple here. The Tapt Kund hot springs are another attraction here.

The temple and its surroundings have immense natural beauty and spirituality. It is the only Dham in both circuits and features an iconic 1-meter-tall Lord Vishnu idol. One can enjoy Neelkanth hills and the Charan Paduka rock beside the temple. Your Chardham Yatra journey will end at the Badrinath Temple.

Chardham Yatra Registration – How to Visit

Before going on the journey, you must complete your Chardham Yatra registration process. You can do it online or through the Uttarakhand Tourism mobile app. During the Yatra, you must carry a valid Govt. ID proof. You will find various hotels and lodgings on the Chardham Temples route. It is possible to visit through different modes –

By Road – If you wish to begin the Chardham Yatra by road, you can hire a taxi or rent a car. There are different vehicles available for booking for this tour.

By Helicopter – Chardham Yatra by helicopter is a great option for kids and senior citizens. You won’t have to walk a lot, and the trek will be short and accessible this way.


Every Hindu should go on the Chardham Temples Yatra at least one time during their life. It is both an adventurous as well as a spiritual experience. The energy during the journey is beautiful and soul-cleansing at the same time.

We discussed and learned about the four temples you will encounter during the Yatra. Complete the Chardham Yatra registration beforehand and book a taxi or helicopter service. It will be a memorable journey that will turn your life into something special.

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