Ceramah kenangan guru sekumpul jilid 1: Teacher History

School is a place that contains our feelings all, which is why we want to offer a lecture for the memory of a gathering teacher volume 1 for all of you Ceramah kenangan guru sekumpul jilid 1.

1. Teacher History

The teacher is a person who has religious intelligence and history. Therefore, teachers can provide teaching about religion and history well. In addition, teachers can also tell about the life of a person or student in more detail. Not only that, teachers can also provide teaching of scientists, subjects and technology. In fact, teachers can also remind students of their difficulty in the world of work that are growing Such like this Ceramah kenangan guru sekumpul jilid 1.

2. History of the teacher as a religious learning

Basically, history is a science that regarding the bleeding of the nation through education and protection of life both human and the universe. Therefore, the history of teachers can make students want to continue their new studies of the fields of IL

Finally, the National Middle School (SMK)

The National High School is a school that functions as a center for improving the quality of education and career of the community. As one of the last schools in the learning process, vocational schools offer very personized services with the aim of helping students achieve perfect academic achievements.

For this reason, the teachers and other colleagues must be willing to form questions-the lecture response of the memory of the teacher’s gathering. Because the question will make the activities better and provide positive grades for students.

The following are some of the questions that are usually found by students when making a gathering of the teacher’s memory of the volume:

1) How do you get information about events that eventually become the teacher’s place of work?

2) AP

Daily memories

Ceramah kenangan guru sekumpul jilid

Daily memories are a lecture that tells the memories of a gathering teacher. Your favorite to tell the memories of the teacher can be compact in several forms, namely autobiographical lectures or lectures entitled essays that discuss the feelings and orders of the teachers, among others. Most people are not interest in some of these forms, because their desires only trust facts. But that is not important, but the storytelling must be consider in terms of quality. The lecture of the memory of a gathering teacher is one of the best examples of some of these forms. Because after witnessing the insights and opinions of the teachers about the problems of human life in detail and then get their respective opinions about the problem of life, we hope.

Understanding and use of sending paper

Paper sent is one of the materials that is very necessary in the learning process. Submission paper makes it easier for teacher service to students and becomes an effective learning medium. Therefore, if you know the meaning and use of sending paper, then you will be better prepared to learn this material.

Definition of sending paper

Paper sent is a very effective learning medium for carrying out the learning process in depth in school. In general, paper containing writing or images in the form of concise is used as a learning medium in order to improve questions, calculate materials, provide information about social discourse or events, and various other things. However, the types of images called concise depend on the writing form

Research Objectives

In this study, it is hope that information can be obtain about the purpose of each lecture for the gathering of volumes in 2018. In addition, research will also try to determine the effect of these variables on the learning outcomes of the participants. The results of this study will be used as a basis for describing policies that can be taken by the government to assist teachers in giving memory lectures in accordance with the students’ goals.

Research methods and benefits

The research method as a learning resource is one of the very good experiences for teachers. This method allows teachers to find out more about themselves and the results. In this study, the author will use a descriptive analysis method. Descriptive analysis is a way to compare a perception of a teacher with a perception or conclusion of another person. In addition, researchers will also use the analytical level method, namely sectative analysis and gap analysis. To tabuhuju numberGH,

  1. Research Methods and Benefits: Research Methods are one way to find out more about something. Researchers aim to find out how much information obtained from a data or results of the study. Therefore


  1. This study is entitled “Teacher’s Lectures Sekul volumes” and is one example of lectures that can be taken from the results of research on teacher experience in school. The purpose of this study is to find out how the teacher’s experience makes everything really feels different for their students in general. In addition, it also wants to obtain information about things that influence not only the teacher’s behavior, but also the role of students in the learning process itself. In this study, the title of the lecture will be given by the Author after conducting an analysis of the discussion on the material that will be delivered by the participants.

Initially, it takes about 20 seconds so that the material is face with the participants

Conclusions and recommendations

By attending the lecture of the memory of a gathering teacher volume, students are expect to increase self-resilience in different situations and make them more willing to face problems indirectly. As with increasing resilience and ability to make students able to talk well when involve in their activities, also increase resilience is Carri out by the teacher by bringing special attention to students ‘feelings and giving advice or appropriate educational programs to support students’ abilities.


To support the effective learning process, the teacher must pay attention to the following matters: it: consider what students want to treat; Using learning methods that are suitable for children; Spreading electronic media.


The lecture of the memory of the Teacher Sekul volume is a lecture that intends to convey the results of the fight between the teacher and students in his school. In this lecture, the teacher motivates students with their self-reflection and experience individually in various ways. This will provide opportunities for students to develop their own potential and abilities.

In addition, this lecture can also provide knowledge about the problems experienced by the teacher about the participants so that the participants can make a decision on the problem effectively. In addition, lectures for the memory of a gathering of volumes also discuss the relationship between the teacher and students well.

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