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CCTV Camera and Security System: What Is The Difference?

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The CCTV full form is “Closed Circuit Television”. You can see the full detail of CCTV, full forms of CCTV, and abbreviations of CCTV in the article give below.

What is a CCTV camera?

CCTV camera (or CCTV) is an automated video monitoring system that provides data and images for monitoring public or private premises. It can be used to: capture an image of events that are taking place; appear before the public; and protect the infrastructure. CCTV cameras can be small in size, allowing them to be installed inside of larger buildings. CCTV systems can be installed both inside and outside of a building to provide an uninterrupted viewing area. On larger buildings, CCTV cameras can be hung or placed in rooms that cannot be accessed easily, such as overhead. Some cameras can be hidden under carpets or plants to allow for covert installation. In some homes, even outside of the house, these are installed on walls, homes, and in roofs.

Types of CCTV cameras

The CCTV is used by business operators for surveillance, monitoring, managing, and protecting their business premises, facilities, and assets, so you may see it more in that sense. It is either attached to a pole on the building or else placed near the entrance gate. The case when a CCTV system is used for monitoring employees working in the workplace is called Secured access control. It is equipped with various features that are useful for managing security in the form. Some of them are: Detecting crimes Identifying unusual or abnormal behavior Capture images or video Detecting suspicious activities Some of them also monitor the environment so that if any incident occurs, it would be timely recorded.

What is a security system?

A security system can be described as a group of measures taken to make the building or structure secure. Depending upon what they consist of and where they are placed, they are termed as; internal security systems, exterior security system,s and access control systems. They form the working components of an Integrated Security System. External Security System Generally, an external security system comprises of the following; Ventilation systems, Protection doors, Manually operated window shutters, Security doors, Security cameras, Physical barriers, and Lighting. The interior security system involves the following; Security guards, Gated areas, Guard dogs, Shutters, and Illumination Interior Security System are the systems within a building that helps in security.

The difference between a security system and a CCTV camera

With the more detailed study in this article, you would find out that CCTV is a camera attached to the wall or placed on the street, within a very safe and secure range, which is used for surveillance purposes. CCTV cameras can be found at private offices, homes, commercial places, public places, on main streets and highways, and anywhere that is open and vulnerable. A security camera is a stand-alone camera, not attached to any network. CCTV cameras are mainly used for surveillance so that in case of any bad or wrong behavior, the data is easily available to the police or any authority for action. This camera can be on a self-contained machine or it can be connected to the network for a more reliable stream. It is a hybrid of the two concepts.


Nowadays, CCTV camera systems are far better and widespread than before. CCTV camera systems have the facility of recording the entire location on a real-time basis. CCTV camera system can help you to safeguard your assets from the potential damage that can take place if the area is unprotected. There are various types of CCTV cameras, and they are available in a wide range of prices.


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