Avocado: A special fruit – Its benefits and ideas to enjoy it

Avocado is the fruit of the butterfly tree and was discovered in the tropics of Mexico and Central America, where it has been cultivated...

Pomegranate: The fruit of health and longevity

An emblem of deities, a symbol of longevity and fertility, the Persians also call it "the fruit of Paradise". Pomegranate has always been associated with...

Lemongrass and its cultivation in our country

Many species of ornamental grasses do not only fulfill an aesthetic function. In addition to the tasteful appearance, they can also be useful in terms...

Walnuts Nutrition Facts | Properties, Benefits

Walnuts are a lesser-known type of dried fruit but are very rich in beneficial properties. Let's find out what they are and deepen the...

What equipment for fitness?

Equipment for fitness: You have decided to get into fitness, to stay fit and healthy. But you are wondering what equipment to practice fitness?...


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