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Do-it-Yourself Carpet Steam Cleaning at Home

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Carpets are very expensive and so every effort must be made to clean them in a way that is not damaged. Most people don’t want to risk carpet steam cleaning their carpet because the wrong technique can eventually lead to re-staining faster than it can cause permanent damage. However, if you want to save some money and do it yourself, the guide below should prove to be a big help.

Step no. 1

The first thing to start with is the Carpet and Rug Institute website. The website lists some of the highest-rated portable wet carpet drying and carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. This site tests all of the steam cleaners on the market and adds a ranking to them in terms of water removal, fiber surface retention, and soil removal. Ideally, you should use a steam cleaner that removes as much soil and water as possible without causing harm.

The steam cleaner you choose should be able to remove a lot of the water so that the carpet can dry in no more than 12 hours. Also, dampening the carpet more than it requires can damage the backing that separates from the carpet, plus prolonged moisture will encourage the growth of mold. If your steam cleaner isn’t powerful enough when it comes to extracting the cleaning solution, it will re-stain your carpets faster than usual.

carpet steam cleaning

Step no. 2

You should choose a time to steam dry your carpet faster. Ideally, sometime in the early afternoon is the best time to start because during this time the humidity outside is not at its peak. You should use a small amount of cleaning solution that has a PH value of 10 or less so that the carpet fibers are not adversely affected. You can use over-the-counter carpet cleaning liquid but be sure to check the PH value.

Step no. 3

Clean your carpet of all things and furniture so you have a straight path. This makes it easier to clean high traffic areas. You can also use a carpet cleaner in a straight line, i.e. from top to bottom.

Step no. 4

The steps below explain how to use a steam carpet cleaner for best results:

  • Steam your carpets with hot water. Usually, this is transferred to an accompanying container. Refer to the steam cleaner user guide if you are not sure where to add the water.
  • Add the cleaning solution to the water. Make sure to add it in the correct quantity as stated by the solution manufacturer.
  • Start by cleaning the area farthest from the entrance to your home, then move back so you don’t accidentally walk over what you just cleaned.
  • Scoop out the cleaning solution as much as possible by skipping the entire carpet a few times
  • Rinse the cleaning solution thoroughly using plain water. Although cleaning solution plays a big role in removing all dirt and dust particles, it can cause problems if not cleaned completely.
  • You can speed up the carpet drying process by turning on the air conditioner and fans. If you have a dehumidifier, it can also be used to speed up the drying process.

Steam cleaning can refresh your carpets

Steam cleaning is often described as the most comprehensive and environmentally friendly way to remove inherent grease, dirt, and stains.

It can be used extensively on many surfaces around the home and workplace, as the new owner of a small, often neglected hotel has discovered. The hotel was purchased with furniture, carpets and other furnishings included, but on the first inspection, it seemed likely that much of it had been discarded and all might have to be replaced.

Some bathrooms and showers have shown signs of mold growth on tiles and grouting. The carpets were stained from various spills, and the curtains and other soft furnishings showed their age. In the event profit margins are tight, the new owner decides that before disposing of everything in the building, he will see what can be achieved through thorough commercial cleaning.

carpet cleaning services

First, the company conducted a risk assessment to ensure that all work could be carried out safely for its employees and hotel staff. Whenever possible, soft upholstery has been inspected to verify if it is made from natural or synthetic fibers and to assess whether it will withstand steam cleaning completely.

While it was not possible, even with steam cleaning, to ensure that every stain was removed and every piece of cloth remained, the owner decided the risk was worth the effort. The stakes paid off and it proved that much could be saved from what existed so that the initial outlay on bringing the hotel to a state that was attractive, comfortable, and welcoming to guests was kept to a minimum.

Precise steam cleaning is very effective for tiles, grout, kitchen grease, and carpets. However, it can also be used on a wide variety of other materials and surfaces. The superheated dry steam jet penetrates the gaps between tiles, removing all bacteria, mold, and soap dirt.

It can ensure that the dirt accumulated deep in the carpet fibers is completely removed. A small test area can determine whether a material has stable colors, which is a particular problem with blue and red.

The list of items that could benefit from a carpet steam cleaning services is long and includes curtains, blinds, mini blinds, small blinds, ceramic tiles, outdoor furniture, plastics, fiberglass, upholstery, natural and synthetic fabrics, leather and vinyl, rugs, carpets, wood floors, mattresses, cushions, kitchen appliances, Office furniture, porcelain, chrome, worktops, and painted surfaces.

carpet cleaning melbourne

It is also environmentally friendly by using extremely hot water converted to steam and contains no chemicals and can remove many organisms, such as dust mites, that cause allergies in addition to leaving most surfaces as dry as possible after cleaning.

Before we decide that there is no substitute for expensive renovations, whether it’s re-tiling bathrooms and kitchens or replacing upholstered furniture and soft upholstery, it is worth paying a specialist commercial cleaner to clean everything with steam.


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