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Carpet Cleaning Method & Process of Carpet Cleaners

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The professional carpet cleaners in London ensure to provide the best and quality services to their every customer. These professionals are highly skilled and trained in carpet cleaning. They ensure to make your carpet clean and also to remove the stubborn stains from it.  The professional carpet cleaner only uses chemical-free detergents to clean the carpet. Because the detergents which contain strong chemical can destroy your carpet badly as well as chemical containing products are not also beneficial for the people who are suffering from any kind of allergy.

Professional carpet cleaners recommend cleaning your carpet at least once or twice a year. They say it will increase the life of your carpet.

If you do not clean your carpet then it can cause many health issues and allergies to you and your family. Because carpets absorb and attract dust too much.

These professional cleaners in London use modern tools, techniques, and quality cleaning products. They have the best knowledge about cleaning products and they use the best suitable cleaning product for your carpet.

There Are Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Method Which Most Carpet Cleaner Use

o   Steam carpet cleaning.

o   Carpet cleaning vacuum.

o   Dry cleaning carpet

o   Encapsulation cleaning.

o   Bonnet cleaning.

·        Steam Carpet Cleaning

It is the most popular carpet cleaning method. Most people prefer this type of cleaning for their carpets. Especially those who are in hurry and do not have much time then they go for the steam carpet cleaning. Because steam carpet cleaning takes very little time, as it is a very simple and easy process.

Steam carpet cleaning is also very effective because it removes almost 90% of the dust, dirt, and bacteria from the carpet. Furthermore, this carpet cleaning method not only eliminates the dust and dirt but also eliminates the smell from your carpet too.

After steam cleaning, they are instantly ready for foot traffic. The professional carpet cleaners ensure you that none of their cleaning chemicals will damage your carpet.

·        Carpet cleaning vacuum

It is also an instant method to clean the carpet. But vacuum machines only eliminate the dust and dirt from your carpet. These carpet vacuum cleaners do not remove the stains from the carpet as well as they also do not eliminate the smell from the carpet. If you want to instantly clean your carpet in just 1 to 2 hours then you can use the carpet vacuum cleaner. But for the detailed and complete carpet cleaning, you have to use the other carpet cleaning method.

·        Dry cleaning carpet

It is also similar to steam carpet cleaning but there is a bit of difference in both of these methods. The difference in both methods is only the amount of water used in the whole cleaning process. Both the methods give great results in the end. In the dry carpet cleaning the professional uses a specific detergent powder, apply the powder with a small amount of water. By applying the detergent powder on the carpet they use the rotating brush for pushing the powder into the carpet fibers. Dry cleaning products instantly break down the oily residue on carpet fibers. The professional carpet cleaners ensure you that these cleaning detergents and this method will not decrease the life of your carpet. It is also a very effective method and removes stains from the carpet properly. No stain on the carpet is left after dry cleaning the carpet.

·        Bonnet carpet cleaning

Most people think that it is also a kind of dry carpet cleaning. It is not a dry cleaning process but it is a low moisture one. This method is low in moisture because in this method they only treat the surface of the carpet. After this bonnet cleaning process, the carpet will dry in only 30 minutes.

In this carpet cleaning method, they spray the self-neutralizing detergent on the carpet. The bonnet carpet cleaning method is mostly used on the commercial level, this method gives the surface of the carpet a very clean image.

·        Encapsulating carpet cleaning

In this cleaning method, the professional first vacuumed the carpet and then they apply to encapsulate the cleaning chemical. It is also a very less time taking cleaning process and after this cleaning method, you can also use the carpet instantly. Professional cleaners say this method is also best for the maintenance of your carpet.

Furthermore, every method of carpet cleaning has its pros and cons. It is better to get quotes from a professional to choose the best and right cleaning method for your carpet. Carpet cleaning is their daily job which is why they are well aware of every type of carpet. They know which type of cleaning is best according to the situation of your carpet. The professional cleaners in London will only prefer you that cleaning method which will not decrease the life of your carpet and will give you quality results.


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