Cardboard Boxes vs Halloween in custom packaging

Cardboard Box vs. Halloween


Cardboard boxes are playing great role in the packaging, publishing, industries mainly make increasing use of it throughout the world. However, global concerns about environmental issues and ecology have given rise to the emergence of new macaron boxes and varied applications of cardboard packaging.

Cardboard: characteristics and qualities

The board has many qualities and is wildly appreciated in many professional sectors for its high performance in terms of protection and resistance.

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  • Main qualities of the cardboard
  • Economic
  • Light
  • Resistant and rigid
  • Easy to print
  • Process and convert (e.g., for folding or cutting activities)
  • Carry
  • Store
  • Ecological (recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable)

Cardboard packaging vs. Environment

According to the 2013 custom packaging for small business Observatory results, recycling of packaging materials would be one of the main drivers of development and innovation. At the same time, professionals in the packaging sector are increasingly investing in developing the circular economy to reduce or even eliminate the use of non-recycled materials.

Cardboard is, therefore, a material that lends itself perfectly to this system since its life cycle is extensive.

In 2012, INSEE announced that in 2010, the recycling rate for cardboard and paper packaging had reached 92% (all sectors combined).

In 2011, the technical recycling rate for cardboard and paper packaging by sector reached the following thresholds:

  • Household packaging: 64.9%
  • Industrial and commercial packaging: 94.1%
  • Total: 87.8%

How to reuse a cardboard box?

Who doesn’t keep a few cardboard boxes in their garage?

Instead of throwing them away without having been able to reuse them, why not take the opportunity to give them a second life in a creative way? This weekend, the annual Halloween party will be celebrated featuring a parade of the strangest and spookiest disguises on our doorstep for the famous “Trick or Treat”!

Instead of spending your money on a costume that will only be used during one evening, why not use the scraps or cardboard boxes you have in reserve? The cardboard packaging is straightforward to cut, paste or print. It is rigid but easily foldable and allows you to create many perfect costumes and accessories for a Halloween night.

In addition, it allows you to involve your children in making their costumes as a family in a fun and creative way. Here is a non-exhaustive list of original costume ideas that you can quickly create with cardboard packaging:

  • Robot
  • Dinosaur
  • Characters (such as SpongeBob Square Pants)
  • From
  • Tetris pieces (very original to do in a group)
  • Smartphone
  • Lego (here is, for example, a tutorial to create a Lego disguise with cardboard )
  • Knight Etc.


In addition, cardboard is ideal for making many accessories such as hats, glasses, ties, mustaches, clothes, masks, handbags, etc. The carton as we know it is an ideal material for many applications other than those usually attributed to him. With a bit of manual knowledge, it can be used for various products ranging from a decorative object (such as a frame, for example), a Halloween costume to a house!

And don’t forget: we are all concerned about current environmental issues! This, therefore, represents a gesture for nature which also happens to be free.

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